Friday, September 11, 2009

Remembering, Plus:Finding Religion in all things southern: God, Family, Health and Good Eating.

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Today is the anniversary of the terrorist attacks on America. I wrote a post a few years ago on my feelings and fears and I thought I would link it for today, as a remembrance. I poured my heart out on it, but I think it capsulizes what most Americans feel and remember about that day. September 11, 2001.

9/11/07 The Anniversary
You may click the large print above to read my post. While it is a post that is very personal to me, I invite you to read, because as Americans's I feel that is it emotions, no matter our diversity as individuals, we all can relate to.

My family was in New York September of 2003, not quite 2 years following the attacks. There was a huge sign on one building across from ground zero with this quote,
"The human spirit is not measured by the size of the act, but the size of the heart".
May there be peace.
(The photo below is on my son, Bama @ 13, on the grounds of Ground Zero, where so many that day perished. It was an emotional moment for my family as we visited. This photo really encompasses that time we spent there)

Broken. Hearts, but not our spirit.
We remember.

I thought when school began that things might have gotten more routine. I am still waiting for that to happen. Everyone in our house, with the exception of Big Daddy had been sick the past two weeks. And you all know that when there are sick folks, a momma's job title expands to nurse, short order cook and clean up crew. This without a pay increase. No, we haven't had the H1N1, but some sort of fever virus. Sister Sledge is in day two of the crud, but she is showing signs of improvement. It seems to largely be a two day event.
I forgot to mention that last weekend, for the first time since he left for college a month ago, that Bama came home. He wanted to wacth the ball game on our big eyesore screen with his dad, since the game was out of town. It was so good to see him. He is soooooo happy at the University of Alabama. He has made many new friends and is relishing his newfound independance. It's a bittersweet thing for a mom. I am sooo happy that he is adjusting so well, and hasn't at all been homesick. At the same time I am a bit sad that he hasn't been homesick. LOL. I mean, I do like to be missed. But mostly I am sooo happy that he is so pleased and really motivated about his classes and professors.
And let it be said that he called his dad today and spoke to him not once, not twice, but three times. Me-,did I get a call? Notta. I was told they were discussing "sports". I feel blessed that they are so close though. This weekend my Bama is expecting a high school classmate to come into T- town and they are going to attend the season's first home game, and his first as a student of Alabama (he has been to other AL games, but not as a student). I imagine it will be a big weekend for him. He is really looking forward to it. ROLL TIDE!

(The above photo is over two years old, if he knew I posted it, he would kill me. But he doesn't. Smile)

Speaking of this weekend....
My blog friend, Tricia of The Boutelle Family Zoo, is hosting a carnival tomorrow called Inspire me Saturday.

It is quite a thinker, one of creativity, honesty and really gives a look at the make up of each blogger. I recommend that you take a look, and link up! I love to know more about people. You know what they say, everyone has a check it out.

Finally. I want to invite you to my food blog, Plates and Places. Today's recipe is one of Big Daddy's favorite dishes, Beef Tips & Rice, it is so good and sooo easy! Plus, I have a book review of The Cornbread Gospels by Crescent Dragonwagon. I think it is time you find your religion. That's all I am saying....clcik over to read more about it.

Have a wonderful weekend. Spread the Love!


Lone Star Queen said...

I think it's harder for Mom to adjust when a child grows up and moves out than it is for the child! I hope everyone at your house is well and your nursing days are over. I'll spread the love but not the germs. LOL!

jennifer said...

Keep that big screen TV in good working order!!

I'm really glad that Bama is doing well at UA. Such great news!

Have a wonderful weekend Leigh.

Anita said...

Wish I had you here to take care of me...sounds like you have experience. Hope your family gets well soon.

Mari said...

Thanks for the mention of 9/11. It's on my heart today too.
I'm so glad that Bama is doing well, but I know what you mean about being homesick! And boys talking to their Dads? My son calls home a lot but his talks with his Dad are much longer than his talks with me. And that's ok!

Bama Belle said...

Glad Bama is doing well. I have thought about him and you!
We still MUST get together soon!
Beef tips are so yummy! I am going to check them out! Be well friend!

Cass @ That Old House said...

Oh Leigh, we know we are supposed to give our children wings, but we also want them to have ROOTS, too!

It's good to see them grow and -- although it is hard -- it's also good to see them leave, because it means we've done our jobs. How terrible it would be if they couldn't adjust to life without Mom! (Yeah, secretly we think, "Oh I don't know. . . " but we know it would be sad.)

Sept 11th is a hard day for us; we lived close enough to watch the roiling black smoke rise up that day, and like nearly everyone around here we knew people who perished, or barely escaped. Life in these parts is not the same.

As for Ground Zero, like many other "locals," I have not been there. I knew the WTC as a place to shop, visit someone's office, or have cocktails at Windows On The World; I can't bear to look at the scars.

I read your post from 2007 -- it's very moving and honest. I hope that most Americans remember this day with the same clarity. My daughter Alida, in grad school now in Los Angeles, says that it's just another day out there -- no one talks about it, no one mentions it, there are no special ceremonies in communities or on her campus. Around here, most communities lost someone -- and people gather to remember -- not just the fallen, but also to remember the incredible spirit that rose from those ashes, the caring and the courage.

Well ... I could go on and on. But I'll spare you! :-)
God bless you and your family; enjoy that your son is far enough away to be "independent," and close enough to come home to watch a football game! The perfect mix.

Now I'm going to bed because we're having a yard sale tomorrow and I need to be up early. Life goes on.


Kirby3131 said...

I'm so sorry to hear that your family is still under the weather. I know if Tom or I get sick in this family of two, we come to a standstill for quite awhile and we're just two!

I bet it was nice to see your college boy :) I'm so glad he's enjoying school and that he is so close with his Dad. I guess you're going to have to answer the phone if you're ever going to get to talk to him LOL

Thanks for your Sept. 11th post. :)

jennifer said...

I didn't even mention the September 11th post. SORRY. My mind was not with it last week (UNDERSTATEMENT).

It amazes me how broken I feel every year on that day. Always on the verge of tears. I didn't visit hardly any blogs Friday - I think I would have just squalled all day.

Love you for your wonderful post about 9/11.