Friday, September 11, 2009

Inspire My Saturday

Today is Inspire My Saturday, hosted by Tricia of Boutelle Family Zoo.

Tricia ask's the question, What inspires you? What inspires me.....
God. And really without God, any and all of the things that follow would simply not be.

God's word inspires me, it is there for me when I am needy, when I need hope, strength, comfort....and need inspiration. The word of God inspires me in verse.  But I so much inspiration in nature and the world around us. I can drive down a road and begin to think of how great HE is, how miraculous, it is so hard for my brain to wrap itself around and I feel so small in such a mighty world that is his creation. I am in awe of each and every day and the ways that God shows his love of us through the world around us. I love to "Be Still" and RECIEVE HIS love. That is most inspiring.

My Family. My children inpire me to see the world through childlike eyes. They make me laugh and allow me to grow older, but not up. Smile.
And my husband, who accepts me for all my flaws (internal and external). He genuinely loves me for me, supports me in so many ways and lifts me up. He gives me inspiration as well as courage to just be me....Leigh. AS a kid, I was shy and not confident in myself, but as I have gotten older, and with much encouragment from my husband, I not am inspired to just be ME,  the very one that God intended me to be. I have said it before, but he really is a man among men. He inspires me to love harder and deeper. He inspires me to be a better parent, friend and partner. Oh yeah...a better tightwad. I am sure he will swell with pride from that line. The others, hog wash.....but thriftiness, he beams.

My parents. I am inpired by their parenting and their unconditional love. I am inspired by their marriage, their love and respect and commitment to one another and their family.

My mom in particular....I am inspired to be just half the mother to my childen that she was to me. It's some really big shoes.

My friends, pictured here and otherwise. I am inspired by the love and friendships abd relationships I share with my friends. There isn't much they don't know about me, yet they love me anyway. Through them, I am inspired by their friendships.

Back to the topic of nature, I am inspired by where the road takes me...traveling to places near and far....

Watching the sun rise and set....

And of course being at my most favorite location on Earth...
It is there that my mind is clear and I truly am inspired.
Amd many times, being there inspires me to write. Many times it is songs and poetry. Music is a HUGE HUGE HUGE inspiration in my life. Songs and melodies are filing cards to moments in my life. Hearing a particular song immediately transports me to a place or moment in time.
I am so inspired to capture life's moments that I attempt this through my photography. That inspires me. Looking at something and seeing it through a lens, perhaps in a differnt way that someone else might.
I am inspired by books and magazines.
Bloggers inspire me. That is why I enjoy visiting your blogs! I get a wealth of inpiration and ideas from all of you. It might be how someone handles a particularly difficult situation, how one decorates a room, a craft, your photography, your food...YOU inspire me!
What inspires you? I hope this weekend finds you feeling inspired!


Kirby3131 said...

That was so lovely that it brought tears to my eyes. What a nice photo of you with the cameras :)

I appreciate you my friend. Thanks so much for your encouragement. You are a true blessing.

Kristin - The Goat

PlantSomeRoots@Lakewood said...

Oh Leigh,
What a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing your values and what makes you 'Leigh'. And you know my heart skipped a beat seeing your cameras. :)
Living it up at Lakewood,

TRICIA @boutellefamilyzoo said...

Good morning, Leigh.

Thank you so much for joining me today. This post was so beautifully written, and I enjoyed every moment of it. You obviously put a great deal of thought into this post, and it means so much to me that you did that to play along with me. I think sharing the things in our lives that drive us, that get us out of bed every morning is so important. Sometimes when you're in a funk, or feeling less than up to par, it means so much to have someone point out the inspiration all around us.
You do indeed have a wonderful world of inspiration all around you.

I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend!


P.S. I love the new background and photos. Very pretty. Very relaxing as well. ;)

Mari said...

I am inspired by the same things. Go has given us so many things to be inspired by and through which we can feel His love.

Gwen said...

What a beautiful family and great inspiration!

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Great post!
You and I are alike in so many ways. We find inspiraiton in the same places... I am needing a little of that beachy inspiraiton now.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, baby girl, for the sweet make my life so full. You are so precious and beautiful. From day #1 I thank God for you, my gift, from Him.
I love you,

Jane said...

Beautiful words and pictures.

Lone Star Queen said...

Beautiful post. Beautiful lady.

Jane said...

Leigh - That was a beautiful post. I enjoyed reading it and viewing the gorgeous pictures.

Anonymous said...


jennifer said...

I think you are pretty inspirational yourself!

bigguysmama said...

God is definitely the BEST inspiration! I love how your husband is such an amazing guy! Your parents are adorable. Oh to have grown up with parents who loved each other. How in the world did you meet Marlee Matlin? SO cool!! Man you sound like a busy lady!

~Mimi #115
Well, I'm stopping by from the #ubp but we've just connected recently so it's fun that you're here! I'm going throughthe "15s" since I'm #115 and you're my first stop! =) Your creations are adorable. Wish I had a little one! Going to go favorite yor shop anyhow.

~Mimi #115

Jessica said...


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shopannies said...

beautiful inspiration