Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Getting Rid of the Clutter & Showcasing Those Collections

It's time for spring cleaning! In all of my decluttering, I am in the midst of preparing for a garage sale. It is quite an undertaking! Planning and preparation is the key to a successful yard sale -- in my opinion. Start by going room by room through your house looking for items that you no longer want or use.
The familiar adage is, if you haven't used it for a year, get rid of it. As you collect items that you want to sell, place them in large garbage bags or boxes and store them in a seldom-used room in your house, or inside the garage. If you are able to group items by "category" or "theme", it will be much easier to price the items and set them out for display at your yard sale.

Here are the Top 10 Reasons To Have A Garage Sale:
(according to Afton Nelson)
#1 To earn extra money
#2 To make room for new stuff
#3 To prepare for a move
#4 Because it's fun
#5 To teach your kids about work
#6 To turn the "junk room" into a ___ room
#7 Because your teen doesn't play with Strawberry Shortcake anymore
#8 To do some Spring cleaning
#9 It's Step 5 in the "Packrats Anonymous 12-Step Program"
#10 To achieve family goals

I can relate to *almost* all of those. But currently I am guilty of #9, Something has got to give. And I am ready to see it go.
While sorting through items of what to keep and what to keep. It is a great time to group together your collections that you do want to keep for a great display in your home. Collections grouped together make a bigger impact. It makes a statement. Here are some inspiration ideas.
You know, if you read my blog, how I love shells. Here is a great collection of collection of shells collected from around the world.

Photo by Cottage Living
Pincushions-Amass cushions in a jar for a colorful installation, or line up fabric tomatoes on a windowsill — just as you would the real deal.

Photo by Cottage living
Skeleton Keys-Hang skeleton keys from ribbons in windows, use them as pulls on a shade, or group a variety on the wall (you can even display some horizontally with a second nail).

Photo by Cottage Living
Gather dish towels by color (red and white) or theme (kitchen, vegetables) and pile them in the bathroom in place of hand towels, or assemble a patchwork tablecloth.

Photo by My Home Ideas
Collector's Glass-A collection of vintage souvenir glasses decorates this kitchen.

Perch-ance to Dream-This room's decorum brings the outdoors in. A muralist painted the tree trunk and branches of the tree that spans two walls, and stamped the leaves with shapes he cut from dense foam. Fourteen birdhouses "hang" from the branches. Three are suspended on fishing line from eye screws in a branch on the ceiling; the rest are mounted on cup hooks in the wall with eye hooks screwed to the backs of the houses. Other houses are nestled in real twigs that hold the curtains.
If you are looking for more inspiration, this book is a good one to refer to. I have this book and love to browse through the collections and get ideas.
And....should you need some more pieces for your collection, drop by garage sale. I just might have something you are looking for!
Good luck!


Jenny G said...

ok, when is this garage sale of yours??? You have so much fantastic stuff showcased on your blog, I'd love to pick up some of your cast offs!

Mari said...

Those asre some great ideas for shwoing collectibles. It bet that's a fun book to look through!

Songbirdtiff said...

I am doing the same thing. I'm always amazed at the amount of stuff I can scrounge for a yard sale. Those extra bucks add up!

KBeau said...

All good ideas. Love the idea of grouping the towels.

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Great post,Leigh!

I had a garage sale 2 years ago in Sept. I got rid of a lot of stuff and the proceeds paid for my Canon Rebel!! I need to have another one to get rid of more junk and because I'd love to have a couple new lenses!

Joyful said...

I want those tomatoe pincushions (not that I sew) but my mom had one when I was little and I always thought it was the coolest thing. (yes, I'm easily impressed).

Robyn said...

when is the sale? I want to come!

Rue said...

I put the rat in pack rat... seriously! It's not pretty down in the basement LOL Great pictures for showing off collections :)

Good luck at your garage sale!


Kirby3131 said...

I'm putting some things in a community wide sale at a friends house this coming weekend. I live in a gated condo community, so no sales here. So for the past few days I've been hunting and gathering around my house. I've also taken out several bags of trash. It's Freeing!!!

Good Luck to you on your sale. Wish I could stop by :)

jennifer said...

I would LOVE to come to your yard sale. I bet it would be awesome!