Sunday, April 12, 2009


Praise God! Christ has risen! Happy Easter!
(The Chapel at Joe Tucker Park, Helena)
This morning I attended a community sunrise church service. It was held outside at this little chapel in the park atop a hill, overlooking a small lake. I arrived early, no one was there, but within a half hour, this little outdoor chapel was filled with people. People from different churches, different denominations, different races, all coming together to praise HIM. It was a powerful experience and way to begin such a sacred day!I love the message wrapped up in a powerful jump start. I just wanted to wake the town in which I live, and shout, "He has risen!". I hope that your day begins with such blessings and joy. Happy Easter!-Leigh

New Day by guest Joan Wilson

I stood behind a woman about my age
In the slow moving check-out line at the grocery store
She was obviously impatient
Pushed by the need to be somewhere else
The young cashier was unaware of the woman's glare
The girl was in another world
Laughing and talking with the handsome young man
Beside her sacking the groceries
The longer we stood there, inching along
The more I became aware of the
Woman's frustration
And at that moment my eyes became fastened
On her beautiful white hair
Suddenly the urge came to tell her how pretty Her hair was
Lord!Is this the time to tell a stranger
Something like that?
The urge did not go away
So, finally I mustered courage
Inched up a bit closer to her
Leaned over her shoulder and whispered
"May I tell you something?"
She turned and gave me a cautious look and said shortly
I said, "Your hair is merely gorgeous!" It is so beautiful I can't take my eyes off it"That woman's face lit up like a Little child's on Christmas morning!A smile broke forth and she said"You have made my day!"The smile remained on her face As she pushed her grocery cart out the door Unaware she had made my day. For, at that moment I was reminded once again. There is tremendous power,In words!
Words can create
Words can heal
Words can deceive
Words can be so cruel as to
Strip someone down to naked shame
Lash them with words of condemnation
Leaving scars only God can heal
Words can slash with angry accusation or
Continually pick at small faults
Smothering someone a little at a time
Smothering their desire to live
Love words can cover someone stripped naked by shame
Comfort them in our Father's acceptance
Clothe them in Christ's glorious
Wonderful new creation hand me downs
What an honor for our Father to entrust us
With this power!
As I write, I am aware of the responsibility
Of the words I write It scares me!
But I know it is a holy fear from God
Reminding me to see the importance of my word usage
In my daily life
The importance of living what I say
For, when He wanted to communicate all He had to say too the world
He impregnated that perfect Word inside the human life of a virgin
Creating a whole new quality of human life
He destroyed the darkness of Satan's Lie you shall be as gods be your own god be independent from God
We are
Have never been
Will never be
Independent from God!
We could not breathe
We could not think
We could not exist without Him
Yet humanity has fallen under an
Illusion that we can be independent from God
No one! has ever been able to pull off that masquerade
Very often someone who is dying
Some one who has spent their life trying to be their own god
Will cry out at the end
Oh, my God
Help me!
I am so glad I responded to His prompting
To say those few plain
Unreligious words to that woman
For I see now it was Christ in me
Speaking Life to that woman!
More and more I see Christ
Coming forth out of His people
People dressed in plain clothes humanity
Many without church uniforms
Just plain clothes Christians
Not just preaching the Word
But living the Word
Living in intimate response
To His Spirit inside them

This is a New Day!

(The Cross at Sewanee, Tennessee)
A new day, indeed Joan, For today we celebrate, Christ has Risen! It is Easter Sunday! May you all share in the joy of the renewed spirit and the reminders everywhere especially this time of year)....reminders of HIS love for you, for me. Happy Easter!
Continued Blessings,


~sharon said...

I was blog hopping and came across your wonderful blog. What a breath of fresh air. :)

Joan's writings are truly inspirational. She's a gifted lady.

Happy Easter. Praise God, we serve a risen savior.

Mari said...

Thank you for sharing those words today - I was blessed by them! Have a blessed Easter!

butterflygirl said...

Happy Easter!

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

He is risen indeed!

Susan in the Psych Ward said...

Praise God!!!! He is risen!!!

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Oh gosh - your story reminded me of the other day when I was walking into our Goodwill - now keep in mind it was Saturday - after running around - not exactly my best presentation. An older gentleman was also walking in right with me - he turned to me and said, "I draw a little - and I want to tell you that you have lovely cheekbones." WOW! He looked beyond my middle aged saggy, baggy, dumpy self and saw lovely cheekbones! I think I love that man!

Kirby3131 said...

Thank you! Happy Easter to you and yours.

justabeachkat said...

Happy Easter! What a great message today. Thanks for sharing.

I've been such a bad blog friend lately. Shame on me! Life has been crazy/busy, but in a good way. I've had fun reading all your posts I've missed though.


jennifer said...

Beautiful! Happy Easter Leigh.

The Hickmans said...

What beautiful pictures! Happy Easter!