Monday, February 2, 2009

Weekend Highlights

I knew it was going to be a weekend of continual movement, though one really never can prepare themselves. When I say that I am "tard" this morning, believe it. For those that do not live in the south, "tard" is more than tired. Uh, huh.
Friday and Saturday were filled with the AYWA wrestling tournament. I have to say first and foremost, I was highly impressed by this tournament. It was very well run, by my good friend, Glenn Albarado, who is the coach on on the board of directors for the association. Glenn and his group of volunteers did an amazing job at orchestrating this event to run smoothly...with even some added pomp and circumstance. My youngest son, J. Smooth competed. Big Daddy coached and I was the team photographer for the two day event. Exhausting. But I caught my second wind late on Saturday afternoon when J Smooth's group was up. Smooth won 5 of his 7 matches, that put him in third place for his weight division. To say that me, as a mother, and the rest of my family (who are indeed a "wrestling" family) were over the moon was an understatement. I had to leave the complex to keep from embarrassing my family with the ugly cry. I held it in until I got to the car and let it go. I was so overwhelmed and so happy for Smooth, who just a few weeks ago said that he "didn't think he would win any this season {since this is my first year to compete". We gave him the speech, you have to believe in have to be a winner in your head (mentally) before you can be a winner on the mat. After Smooth's win, he came over to me and said, "Mom. I believed it in my head first." (Oh, sniff.) One of life's many lessons, understood.

Saturday night was the lingerie shower of my friend, The Boss, who is getting married at the end of the month. I literally raced from the tournament to home (to shower and finish the food I was to bring) and then onto the shower. Whew! All without my camera, which Big daddy had to finish the tournament. I borrowed Sister Sledge's and relied on Mama Joy to help with the snapping of photos.
The shower was alot of fun! Much! Boss got some really beautiful things, some really funny things (Joy Sister, that was to much. Really, that police badge get-up won the show), and a few uh, "scary" things too. It was funny, my friend High Mae took care of the invitations and asked that no one sign a card on the gift. The gifts were to reflect the personalities of the giver and "the boss" had to try and figure out who gave what gift. It was really fun. And you know, she guessed each one right with the exception of one or two. The boss knows her friends! There was a good turn out and everyone had a wonderful time.
On Sunday we celebrated my nephew's second birthday at a Japanese restaurant (Yuki). And then had "the Artist and Mida" (BIL & SIL) over to watch the Super Bowl while the kids played "cops and robbers".
It was an exhausting, albeit fun weekend!
I do want to make mention that though we were unable to be there, we celebrated the birth of our newest addition to the family, Gianna Marie. She is the newest daughter to our cousins Angie and Jason (and little sister to brother Christian). Angie delivered during the huge ice storm that took place in Indiana last week. Congratulations!


Mari said...

What a weekend! I enjoyed the pictures. The kids are all cute and the baby is just beautiful!

Kirby3131 said...

I know TARD. I could feel it when it said it - so you must have been running. I'm so happy for you and your family on the tournament and the new family addition! The shower sounded like a lot of fun, too!

Susan S. said...

I bet you are tard!!! That's a lotta runnin' around, girlie! However, it looked like it was all good times and WORTH IT!

Valarie Lea said...

My goodness you have been one busy lady!

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Sometimes I am just tard out!! That's really tard!

You had a wonderful weekend, Leigh!

An iMperfect wIfe said...

That sounds like a really fun party- the lingerie party. What a great idea to not have everyone sign their cards. Such a cute game! I'll have to remember that when planning my girlfriend's bachelorette party this summer!


Leigh said...

Mari, thanks. I could just eat that baby up!

Kristian- Yes, sounds like you know Tard.

Susan, It was. Good times.

Yes, Valarie.

Pat, sounds like you know Tard too.

Jenny-It was really cute. And she guessed almost everyone right!
Have fun!