Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Thrifty Thursday-Plus a Tablescape

Thrifty Thursday is a show and tell of sorts. It is time for you to showcase your thrifty find. It can be an old find or a new one. It might be something that you found at a thrift store, a consignment store, flea market, garage/yard sale, antique store. It's it was a thrifty find, then it meets the requirements. I am not picky, It can be a great pair of boots & a killer vintage dress, jewelry, home decor, even fishing lures. It is your thrifty find. Tell me about it. Where did you find it? What is it? What do you plan to do with it or how do you plan to use it in your home? Do you want to sell it? Thrifty Thursday's are about the thrill of the hunt...and the treasure you found. show and tell!

My Thrifty Thursday find is a simple one. Simple albeit useful. And something that you might find surprising. My local thrift store gets in large shipments of brand new reading glasses. I began looking over them and found this pair that I liked.

The price tag said $9.95 but it was then marked down to $4.95. For new glasses! The prescription in them was obviously wrong for me. I don't only need reading glasses I need full on glasses. But the reason I purchased them is so I can take them to my eye care provider and get my prescription lenses placed inside.
If you have bought glasses you know that most of the cost comes in the frame. Not so in my case. Cool frames. Affordable frames. Frames that I can swap out because there is little cost in them.

Do I look smart and artsy?
Ok, perhaps I do look dorky. But I am pretty smart, considering the price I paid! Now that is a good thrifty Thursday find!
I am praying that the Mr. Linky I attempted to install will work. If not, It is quite possible I will go off the deep end trying to get it on the post. If it isn't on here, please leave your blog link in the comments so that visitors can swing by and check out your thrifty find.

My friend Susan of Between Naps on the Porch host a Thursday Meme called Tablescapes. I find Susan very inspirational. And my goodness, her porch! I'd love to nap there myself. Anyway, I am playing along today in Susan's Tablescape Thursday. We are simple folks at my house. Many times a paper plate is what supper is served on. Sure we have our everyday dishes to, but nothing special. I actually have four sets of dishes, all of whihc we inheirited, but I have them stored to conserve space.
On my recent trip to the store, At Home in Homewood, Alabama, I found a tablescape that I loved. It took me right away to the beach. So, here is my contribution for today....
I love the natural/neautral colors of white, brown, soft blues and greens in the dishes and glasses.

Even the rattan braided napkin ring is a nod to natural elements.

Very Leigh. Very Me. I love that!

Thanks to all for participating in Thrifty Thursday! And thank you to those who have popped by from Susan's Blog, Between Naps on the Porch. I love new friends!
Join me for next week's Thrifty Thursday!
Coming tomorrow.....The Letter R, by way of Dust Bunny Hostage.


Susan said...

Very pretty the dishes and napkin rings


Kathy said...

Beautiful tablescape!

Bama Belle said...

I did Thrifty Thursday! Great table BTW I think I will do that one next week!

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

I like your idea of Thrifty Thursday. I just bought the cutest bread box from Goodwill and I plan on painting it. I only paid five dollars for it, so maybe I'll share when it's finished. I like your seaside tablescape too.

Holly said...

Lovely table,...lovely idea!! Thanks for stopping by. I posted my place mat/pillows on thrifty Thursday!! :)

justabeachkat said...

Hey girl! I haven't been by in awhile so it's been fun catching up with you. Love your tablescape. And those glasses...too cute!


jennifer said...

The glasses look good on you. What a great idea to use the lenses that way!!

laura @ the shore house said...

I can't believe I had something in the "blog hopper" ready to roll in time for Thrifty Thursday!

And by the way, you look SO smart and artsy. :-) Love the new specs!

Keetha said...

You told me to link and I always do what I'm told!


Mari said...

I'm not very good with the thrifty finds, but I think I could learn. Those glasses are great - really good find! The table looks wonderful too!

Rue said...

Good morning Leigh :)

I have to tell you that I hadn't returned your visit, because I just figured out how to transfer my email from my old account to the new one. Changing emails is ugly LOL

Anyway, I love your new glasses!! They look very cute on you and not dorky at all :)

Beautiful tablescape!


"J" said...


I'm off to check out the other "TT'S"

I hope you get a GREAT turn out today!!!!!

tardevil said...

Your table is pretty! Thanks for hosting today! :O)

"J" said...

PS - Great find on the glasses!!!!! You look H-O-T!!!! =)

ann said...

Leigh.I LOVE-------your dishes.They are gorgeous.And great idea pon the glasses.Why didn't I think of that.Too late now,I'll have lasix soon...Ann

"J" said...

I just wanted to say I went to check out all the other Thrifty Thursday folks!!! I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo inspired by Laura and her frame find on the roadside!!!!!! She shows some GREAT ideas on what to do...she did her research for sure!!!!

I also loved Cami's Valentine's Day set up!!!!!! WOW-WEE!!!!

This is soooooooooooooooooooooo much FUN!!!!! =)

I will for sure be back NEXT week!!!!!! =)


PS - If you EVER come to Texas or any where NEAR Texas you better let me know so we can meet up!!!!!!!!!! =) If you EVER want to come to Canton...I will sooooooooooooooooooo meet yall there!!!!

"J" said...

PSS - I also wanted to add that I wished I knew how to sew so I could make pillows like Holly!!!! Those are just WOW!!!! Love them!!!!!

P.S.He loves you.. said...

now that's thrifty..I know my frames always cost more than I like to spend!

I joined via Dust Bunny and reposted a "before and after" of my most recent thirfty makeover..I would love to join up in the coming Thirfty Thursdays!

restyled home said...

I love a great frugal tip, so I will have to check these out! Thanks for hosting this!


CC said...

I am loving those plates! So pretty!

Thanks for sharing!


LauraBeth said...

Great glasses! I have to get some of my own so I don't have to wear TJ's if I get another eye infection. I'll definitely be checking for cute frames on sale - what a good idea!

"J" said...

I just stpooed by Jerri's "TT"!!!!

I love that little dish and what it has to say!!! I'm going to print that out and hang it in our spare room!!!!

Maryrose said...

Very pretty tablescape. Love the dishes and really love the glasses. Thanks for sharing, Maryrose
PS cute family too.

Gollum said...

This is absolutely gorgous!

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

I LOVE your frames...I need new glasses (spent a forune on my last frames!) so I'm keeping my eye out. I think I've seen reading glasses @ one of my thrift stores too. Thansk for hosting Leigh!

Beautiful placesetting! I love brown & blues & greens too.

Victorian Garden Gourmet said...

I like this Thrifty Thursday. I usually do some "thrifting" after work on Thursdays-so i shopuld be a natural. It is always nice to show off your finds to others who appreciate them-and a good bargain! Plus you can trade some pretty neat ideas!

Kirby3131 said...

Love the glasses! I don't wear glasses, but I have heard that the frames are pricey. Great find! Love the diamonds on the sides :)

I found something thrifty-ish and linked up - I am looking forward to spending some time looking through the other thrifty finds.

Thanks Leigh!

CC said...

I just entered the Thrifty Thursday, too! So fun!

Brenda said...

Hi Leigh,
I would've never thought about finding a inexpensive pair and replacing my prescription in them.

Life got in the way of me being able to post this week, but I thank you for the reminder and I look forward to visiting the others as well as posting next week myself. (I'm going to try and get it altogether this weekend so it'll be ready.)
God bless

heidi said...

oops! I posted the first one wrong... it's my second one that pertains to a thrifty find... sorry!

Fifi Flowers said...

LOVELY tablesetting!

HEWY said...

Lovin the glasses!


This was my favorite. I love the glasses you found. What a cool find. I also loved the table tops. As soon as I can breathe....I am going to submit my Thursday Thrifty tale. I can't wait to read more.

Bama Belle said...

I had forgotten to add the"button" so I did now. LOL AND on my sidebar!
Very cool day!!!! Luv ya

Valarie Lea said...

I promise I am gonna try to join in on the fun next week! :)

Leigh said...

Susan-I thought they were really beachy. Just my style.

Thanks Kathy-and tHX for stopping in. So sweet!

Bama Belle-Shoot! I didn't see it? Maybe it hasn't posted yet?
Thanks for playing! I am soooo glad you did! Makes my day!

Kathy's Red Door- I cant wait to see your box. I have a box fetish! Let me know when you have it finished. Thanks for coming by!

Holly- I wish I could sew. I LOVE your pillows Those rock!

I hope you are feeling better Kat! I have been thinking abou tyou!

Jennifer- YOU ROCK! Thanks and thank you for the support and the emails. You and J of musings are the best support!

Laura- I am heasded to your place now. I know you will have some good finds. NO DOUBT!

Keetha- I will try not to steer you wrong. Thanks K!

Mari- Maybe not...but you have great recipes and thats just fine with me. Thanks for stopping by today!

Rue- No fret. You are fabulous! And thank you!!!

Thank you my tar devil friend, (wink)

J-Honestly, you are the best commenter. I wish I had an award for that. I am going to make one. You always have the most positive attitude and sweet spirit. Thanks for visiting everyone! This was fun!

Linda-Thank you, Linda! And thank you for swinging by Bloggeritaville today! It was nice to have you. Come back anytime!

PS He LOves you-Thank you so much for coming by to Bloggeritaville! I do hope you will join in the fun next week of Thrifty Thursday!
And Jenn, Dust Bunny Hostage, who doesn't LOVE her. She is the best!I can't wait to see what you come up with for next week! Stop by Bloggeritaville anytime! I love new friends!

J- What a great idea, Jeannie! I loved that dish too, to cute!

Ann-Best of luck on your surgery. I am to chicken. My dad had that surgery and it went well. He was like me, blind as a bat, and now can see great (he does wear reading glasses when he reads). But it went fabulous. Thanks for stopping in today Ann!

Mary Rose & Gollum-Thank you so much! And thank you for visiting by blog, Bloggeritaville, today. I love new friends!

Still Magnolia-Thank you so much! And thank you for visiting by my blog today.
I completely understand your situation. No worry, you get to it when you can! You are welcome anytime.
Oh, as if it wasn't enough...I tagged you in a post to run on Saturday....but you don't have to do it. It took me literally about 4 months and I am finally getting around to it myself.

Bama Belle- I see it now. Thank you sweet thang!

I hope you can Valarie, but if you can;t no sweat. I don't want any pressure. Thank you for dropping by, my friend! Hugs.

Fifi Flowers-Thank you so much! And thank you for visiting by blog, Bloggeritaville, today.

Hewy-Thanks! I hate pictures...but I do like my glasses for all of 5 bucks! Thank you for stopping by, Hew!

Victorian Garden Gourmet-Thank you so much! I can't wait to see what you come up with. You sound like me...I go because it is just fun. The thrill of the hunt. And it's cheap! I have had alot of fun today with this.

Heidi- no sweat! you know I love ya! Just dont lead me to the coolaid.

Kirby-Thank you so much! And thank you for visiting by Bloggeritaville, today.
I am headed to your place in the next little bit to see your thrifty find. Kristin, thank you so much for your support and for playing along!

Thank you so much Cami! I thought they were to cute! It is ridiculous what frames cost at the eye doctor. Your thrifty tablescape rocks! I love it and that food!!! Please invite me over for supper!

Jerri- that is the cutest little dish. I absolutley adore it. i havent seen anything like it.

CC- Thank you so much! And thank you for visiting my blog. I am so appreciative of you playing along!

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Leigh,
If you are like me you can't ever have too many pairs of reading glasses. LOL

I'm a big thrift shopper too! I linked one of my posts this week to you...hope it is okay. And added you to my blog roll.


Keetha said...

Leigh, thanks so much for inviting me to post my "collection" on Thrifty Thursday - - - I wouldn't have THOUGHT of doing it since they aren't really "thrift" items. Many of your friends came by my little ole blog to "peek" and leave comments and ONE of them is even following me now!!!! Wooooo Hoooo - - - blogland is SOOOOOOO fun.

janet said...

you look fantastic in your new reading glasses and your table is beautiful

Kathleen Ellis said...

Pretty tablescape! Your napkin rings ARE lovely!
Have a fabulous weekend!

Lady Katherine said...

Your dishes are so lovely! The napkins too. Your table is very pretty.

OLLIE MCKAY'S ~ A Chic Boutique said...

Well ~ Guess I'm a little late for this - eh??!! But, I do LOVE the dishes - Fabulous!!

Athella said...

I found you on annesplace and thought I would join the thrifty new at this...
I can barely find the comment bar so I guess I'll say hi!