Saturday, February 21, 2009

Late Awards

If you have given me an award, I am most appreciative. Forgive me for taking literally months to post and recognize it. Life has been on full cylinder's lately. I don't complain...I just realize that there aren't enough hours in the day for all the things I have intended. I thank you each and everyone. A genuine thank you for your kindness.
Honest scrap I got three times, once was from Mari (forever ago), from Karen and from Polly & Steve. I thought it said Honest Crap at first...and I would equally think that was nice. Much of what is here could me considered crap. But I prefer scrap. It has a nicer ring to it. Thanks ladies!

To my understanding this award is bestowed upon bloggers who write about issues close to their very own heart. I am honored you all would think this much of me.
The rules are as follows:
1)List 10 honest things about yourself AND
2)Pass this award on to 7 bloggers whom you feel are deserving of the Honest Scrap Award!

1.I love to give hugs. I hate to shake hands.
2. I question myself often. "Am I doing the right thing..."etc. I am 38 years old and still working on the confidence thing. I am getting better though. Big Daddy is a good trainer. You know that AC/DC song? You know the one.
3. Forgive me friends, but if you send me emails that ask me to forward something on and it might say, "you don't love or believe in God" if you don't forward, I usually delete. I delete in a big way. I hate that crap. And that's honest scrap. The Lord knows my love without forwarding a chain email. I prefer to get the real emails without the FW in front...unless they are really funny.
4. "Indecision may or may not be my problem." I am terrible at making decisions. I often refer to Big Daddy and plead with him to make them for me. I am a wuss. Even little things, like where to eat lunch. Just take me there.
5. I pray every single day. Often several times a day.
6. I have a fascination with many things. I guess one could say I am easily amused/entertained. But I love to study doors and trees.
7. I am fearful of curtains. I love them, but afraid to commit...I change my mind often and do not want to spend alot of $$ and then regret my choice. I guess that goes back to #4.
8. If I am having a bad day, I can instantly change my attitude with a little tunage (music). I find peace in lyrics and riffs. Joy comes from within...and you can give it to others by just having the right attitude and a smile.
9. I journal. My thoughts. Songs. Poetry. Novel ideas. I have done this since I was in highschool.
10. I believe in volunteerism and being involved in community.

* and a couple to grow on....
#11. I am least impressed with people that want to impress. That is most unimpressive. Not to mention irritating.
#12. I am such a bad phone friend. I am trying really hard to be better. I think it is the fact that growing up I hung with guys and we calle done another when we had something to say. Not to just shoot the breeze. I am trying though. I love my friends and LOVE for them to call me....I guess I dont want to disturb anyone for "nothing". I am a constant work in progress.

I will pass this onto: Jeannie, Tricky Nickie, Dust Bunny, Georgie, Bama Belle, Susan PsychWard, Charnita, and Confessions of a 40 Something Mama Queen.

This blog measures Up award is/was from Domestic Fashionista. I would rather up than fall short. The Fashionesta never falls short, so it was quite a compliment coming from her!

Lemonade Award is from Lucches to LouisVuitton. I love that saying ...when life gives you lemons make lemonade. I also like the one that says when life gives you lemons make lemon drops-while others say Margarita's. Its a great philosophy...make the best of it. I love this award!

I wish I could remember who gave this award....but considering the is probably the most honest and deserving award. Thank you. "Just Keep Swimming, swimming, swimming...."

I love the look of this award, again...if it was from you, please forgive me for forgetting. SO cool. Tell me so I can give you credit in my award sidebar.

The next awards was from Beach Kat again, forever ago. Love Beach Kat! She is such a great spirit with a great attitude, who happens to be living the life I hope to in about 9-10 years, when Big Daddy retires. Yes...I am counting it down! I can hear the gulls now! Thanks Beach Kat!

I share these awards, with you all. I visit your blog! I think it RAWKS! And you are so deserving. SO please, accept an award from me. I love ya!


Kirby3131 said...

I love (#4) "Just take me there" I can never decide on a place to eat lunch or dinner, either. Just drive. lol We have yet another thing in common!

I love hanging out with you (online of course!) - I can see why so many others adore you as well. Congrats on all of the blog awards!

Mari said...

Wow - lots of people love you! Of course, why wouldn't they? About #3 - I do the same. And I am fascinated with trees too. I love to look at their shape when they have no leaves. I love to look at the different bark. I think they are beautiful!


Thank you for the shout out. I loved giving you the award...I love reading your blog daily. It makes me smile.....we are somewhat alike I see from your list. LOL! I am just 16 years older! Congrats on all the deserve them....and many more!

♥georgie♥ said...

Look at all that bloggy bling! Leigh YOU are so deserving of each of those awards!

jennifer said...

Leigh, you aren't the only one. I have a post in my drafts (who woulda thunk it!) with awards and tags and memes *Oh My!*. I don't do well staying caught up and posting them.

Thank you for thinking of me. I appreciate it!

"J" said...

Great awards and you are soooooooooooooooooooooooo deserving of them!!!!! =) For are...don't doubt it!!!! HA!!!!!

Thanks for the TAG! I'm on it!!!! I will do it sometime this week!!!

I also wanted to do the purse tag that I seen on The Goat! =) I'm thinking I can do these and have them POP UP while I'm gone!!!!

You were asking when I leave........
We leave this coming Sunday (March 1st) and don't come home till the following Sunday!!!!!!!! =)

We will get married on March 4th in Jamaica!!!!

You know I'm going to take a ton of pics!!!!

I/We took over 200 pics Saturday night.....I will go into that today on my blog!!!!!!!!! =) I love to keep you waiting!!!!


Lindsey said...

You are well deserving of every award! Lovin' Thrifty Thursday! I'm going to join in soon. It's hard to get 2 little ones out in the cold!!!

Dullbert said...

Ole number eleven... that one is near and dear to me I REALLY have an immense disdain for those people especially the ones that were born on 3rd base to start with. Ironically some of those same types are sweating bullets these days and some of their toys don't look so shiny. I know you would overwhelmed with jealously if you ever saw my 8 year old Honda with 142,000 miles and a cracked windshield .. its awesome :)