Saturday, January 24, 2009

Helena Bloggers in Da House

(You can Mute the music on the slideshow, if you would prefer)
Helena Bloggers in da House!
That was the case on Friday when local Helena bloggers had a meet and greet. The get together was not limited to just one meeting, it took two to cover the "material" of our "convention".
The first meeting was "Coffee & Conversation at Big Mountain Coffee"
The second was "Margarita's at San Antonio Grill in Helena".
Admittedly, they were two different meetings all together. Not to say that one wasn't better than the other, they just had a different "vibe". It is amazing how a little salty/sweet elixir can take away all guards and allow the creative "juices" to flow. Personally speaking, I cultivated some great inspiration and ideas from my fellow bloggers. I also made some great observations and learned some valuable lessons, ones that only meeting attendees can understand.
1. Never trust anyone who plays a flute, or an oboe for that matter.
2.Editing a post, no matter how long it has been online for public viewing, is accepted.
3. Never name drop. Or use any real names for that matter. There are reasons people use alias, be it bitter divorces, nosey inlaws/outlaws, potential "black mailing" coworkers, and just poor taste/etiquette.
4. Bloggers can be the most supportive group of people you may ever meet---or not.
(We are praying for you and love you Mr. Peters!!!!)
5.Using the names Lindsey Lohan, French Maid, Paris Hilton or Hewy can give your blog a accelerated number of hits. CNN NEWs also works!
6. The Helena Society of bloggers can also be referred to as a whole (by the public) as"No Sleep Party".
7. Spork, we have determined is really from Europe, not there's anything wrong with it.
8. In a public taste test, Margarita's are preferred to Coffee 6 to one.
9. After drinking Margarita's, it becomes hard to spell Margarita's.
10. (Hewy's observation)"How many Blogger does it take to drink a bowl of margarita...ok six"
11. It is fun to prank people into thinking that you are old school chums.
12. Whip cream makes a better drink. I don't care what it, or margarita's.
13. It really is smart to take notes on such occasions. Hewy, "the secretary", can provide far better commentary due to his diligent notes. I would really love to see the notes he was taking last night. I could use them in this post.
14. Bowling is something that should only be done after a margarita- for that is the only time I wouldn't worry about where the hand had been that was once in the ball. Did you follow that one?
15. Singing in public is perfectly acceptable in such meetings, but be warned it could be blogged about , photographed or even recorded. Everything is fair game, unless one declares "off the record". Then and only then, is one safe.
16. LOL means "Laughing out loud" not "lots of love".
17. Boogers (not bloggers), as weird as it sounds, came up as topic in both meetings.
18. Eyelashes Can be permed. Who knew?
This picture was done for a friend we all have in common, a honorary "Helena" blogger.
A special thanks to Charnita of Charnita's Xpressions for the Helena Blogger Badge she made for our profiles (the first picture in this post). Mine is already located on my sidebar...where is will stay "forevah!"
To all my Blogger friends, I am looking forward to the next "meeting".
If you missed it, you really missed it. I hope to see you at the next meeting.
Links to other Helena Bloggers, Blogging on this occasion (Will update as necessary):


Keetha said...

It is really fun to meet other bloggers in person. I've had TWO Christmas break blogger parties here at my house. Didn't get one done this past Christmas break, but will try to do it again sometime.

HEWY said...

I bet more Helena bloggers will show up next time after theses quotes or avoid us as leapers from the bible.

My wife says I can't go if I'm just going to drink with cute women.

HEWY said...
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jennifer said...

Aw, you know I love the pic. It's going on my blog too, with my own take on things :) I love you to pieces and I am glad that y'all had fun!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh this looks like fun! My facialist dyed and permed my eyelashed when I went on my anniversary cruise. It was wonderful to wake up~made up! :)

Dullbert said...

well they say the camera adds 10 pounds to people ? After seeing myself I'm convinced you have a "dual" lens camera !

Bama Belle said...

See, I told you they can perm lashes. You just wait til you see mine LOL I had soooo much fun with you and everyone else last night. Thanks for staying with me during my crisis!
I have your "B"s and will get them to you soon
Lots Of Love LOL!!! =)

Leigh said...

Keetha-What fun! Ok, next one I you have I am coming to yours. I can "write it off" to visiting family in Indiana while I am there.
BTW-the name of your post today had me LOL. I am going to have to steal that for something.

Hewy- I will bet so too. I am thinking more of leapers. LOL. Have K come next time as your personal champerone.

Jen-my friend! We love YOU!

Hi Laura!I had never heard of perming eyelashes. That was a new one. And we laugh (though we are crazy enough to do this)...because the one that is doing the perming has asked another to document with with photos for her blog! Should be interesting. I may try it myself!

Thanks for your comment!

Dullbert-Not true! But I will use that as my excuse. No denying that!

Bama Belle-For real...I may just have to try it myself. With that little rod and all. LOL. See, I learned so much.It is amazing what one can learn when they crawl out from under the rock every now and then...

justabeachkat said...

Margaritas always make fun even funner (that's a word, right?)! Cute photos.


Jenny G said...

I hate that I missed this one, Leigh, please let me know about the nextx one, would love to meet up with everyone!!!

Leigh said...

Kat-you bet!

Jenny G- We did miss you!! We will absolutley let you know!

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

I used to live in Helena... then moved to the other side of the tracks.
Do I still qualify???
Let me know next time and I'll join in the fun.

The Berry's Patch said...

Well that looks fun! I'm sorry I missed it. What a great way to meet other bloggers.

I'm off to perm my eye-lashes. :-)

Betty Jo said...

Now that looks like a lot of fun! Great photos. xoxo

tardevil said...

Thanks for letting us know about the giveaways! Please sign me up for yours...and I follow! :O) Looks like you guys had lots of fun!

♥georgie♥ said...

awww how fun leigh! Love the pics

"J" said...

What a total HOOT!!!
I'm soooooooooo glad yall had a GREAT time!!!!!!!!