Sunday, December 7, 2008

High-Low Weekend

What a weekend of highs and lows, huh? That is if you are an Alabama fan. I had such a sick feeling on Saturday night, though I am certain it was nothing compared to what the team felt, who had come so far and who played a great game. Actually both teams played wonderfully. And I agree, Tebow, is all they say he is. Amazingly talented! I know Blogger Troll is happy (Gator fan). We still have the Sugar Bowl ahead, so we have to put it behind us now and focus on the game at hand. ROLL TIDE!
Highs? The Helena Christmas Parade. There were so many people in attendance. I thought it would be a smaller crowd due to the game, but I was proven wrong. It goes to show, everyone loves a parade. I was so happy to see a few bloggers in attendance too. It's fun to see familiar faces-those who have become friends through the blogging world.
Also, who wouldn't be happy to get a vist from Santa? He came by long enough to have breakfast with some lucky children, who had the advantage of having them all to themselves for quality time. There were who had some long list of toys but Santa fielded each and every request. Thanks to my friend, Diva for arranging his special appearance and asking me to take pictures at the event.
Pictures from both events are on the slideshow below.
Finally, on Sunday night Big Daddy took me out to dinner to celebrate the annivsary of our first date together. We had a nice supper out, minus kids and happy meals (not that there's anything wrong with it!). There was no need for my referee uniform! Sweet! One can enjoy food so much more without arguments at the table over who is "more cool" or "better" at something. Big Daddy knows that it is always me.
I hope that your weekend was just as wondeful (despite that game)
Roll Tide! Merry Christmas!


Kirby3131 said...

My husband and I also celebrate the anniversary of our first date! Ours is Dec 23rd. We're just a few weeks apart! How fun.

Love the pictures!

Polly & Steve said...

Congrats on you anniversary. I am a sad puppy about the game also, Steve was really upset, even though they played their hearts out and didnt get be 30 points like everyone else. I was sad for Coach, his done so much....Oh well there is the Sugar Bowl!!

Keetha said...

Bama still will have a good bowl game - - - all is not lost!

"J" said...

They were talking about that football player on ESPN radio this morning! He must be good...they were going on and on about him!

I'm off to check out the parade pics! Sounds like a GREAT time was had by all!!!!!! =)

I'm still sad I didn't stay for our Christmas light parade last week!!! =(

I think it's sooooooooooooooo sweet that yall celebrate yalls first date!!! Toooooooooooooo CUTE!!!!


TROLL said...

Bama can be proud of their tough determined team. Hope and expect they do the SEC proud and win the Sugar Bowl.

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Where'e y'all go for dinner?
The parade looks fun, thanks for the pictures. I was busy putting up trees.

nancygrayce said...

Happy 1st date anniversary! I think y'all played a great game. We are Gators at our house, though and when we win, the hubby is happy!

Anyhow....sorry. I'm really neutral.

ThursdayNext said...

Happy Anniversary of your first date! :) I am glad you did dinner. And I also want to know where you ate! Mine and the Prince's first date was Valentine's Day...we will never forget that. ;)

Leigh said...

An early Happy Anniversary to you and yours, Kristin!

Thanks Polly! And yes, heartache.....

J-He is a talented kid, J! SO glad you got a tree this year!

Sandi- I would have rather you cooked for me. Your food is so tempting! No where special....Outback. yadayadayada...
He got a steak and I ate his blue salad. I missed ya, but understand. Its a busy time of year!

Nancy-It really was a well played game by both teams. Congrats!

Thursday- each time I read your blog, its a romance novel. It's so enthralling. And you Sandi, seduce through food. Ya know it's true what they say about men and their stomachs! You have an anniversary coming up too!