Friday, December 12, 2008

It Arrived!

(Leigh walks across the yard to her mailbox and peers inside....inside there is a small package
"Eeekkkk!" (Jumping up and down)

"It's here! It's here! Hot dog! It's here! My Secret Santa package has arrived!
(I am participating in two this year!)
Whatever could it beeee?'
Let's's from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Home of "Laverne and Shirley!" Holy smokes!

"It says fra-geal-lay! It must be something Italian!

"Wait! No! That says, fragile!" Ummm? Let's see what's inside! The suspense is killing me!
(Leigh tears into the envelope, shredding paper content everywhere)

It's a note! It says....
Hi Leigh
This is a little gift from your Secret Santa. I hope that you like it. Can you guess who it is?
Happy Holidays

Well, NO! I cannot. I am so bad at guessing. But I will not keep you guessing as to what my Secret Santa sent me....

Glade Glass Scents in apple cinnamon scent-which is one of my favorite smells! It smells like the holidays to me.
The SS also sent me a $15.00 gift card for iTunes! They KNOW how I love good music!
Now it is just up to me, what to download! Ahh, decisions.....
It's wonderful! I am so very appreciative of the wonderful and thoughtful gift! You certainly read my "likes!".
My sincere thanks to you, my Secret Santa-whoever you are! This was such fun!
I also want to thank Georgie for hosting this fun event! I know it was quite an untaking, but it was alot of fun! Thanks Georgie & my Secret Santa Soriee partner.


HEWY said...

That's awesome. I was excited just reading about it!

georgie said...

How exciting!!! I LOVE seeing what everyone got.

Tammy said...

Oh so fun!!! What great little gifts.

Kirby3131 said...

Yippppeeeee!!! Your Secret Santa gift arrived!!! Well, I can tell ya, it isn't me! I'm not living in freezing cold anymore lol

I love the "Christmas Story" reference. It's a Major Award!

It took me hours to find a ringtone for my blackberry. I can't imagine how long it would take me to pick out songs on iTunes lol

Enjoy Enjoy!!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

How much fun!!!! I think that the anticipation of finding out who the person is is as much fun as getting the sweet and thoughtful treats!

Enjoy Leigh!

:) Becky

Trina said...

Fra-gee-lay! hahahaha We LOVE that movie. :) It's a Christmas tradition in our household.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was "A Cristmas Story" all over, again! What a precious movie.
Your SS was very good to you!
Love you,

"J" said...

Do you know who it is yet????????

Great gift!!!! =)