Monday, December 15, 2008

Tune in Later.....

...Such a busy weekend! Tis the season, eh? I had wanted to participate in Boomama's Tour of Homes (use my link on the sidebar to participate and visit) but didn't have time to compose a post. After looking around at some of the other homes, mine would be an embarrassment! Wow! The effort! It is well worth a visit over there!
Today will be a busy Monday! I am meeting some other bloggers today for lunch and shopping-so there is bound to be some fun in that! And you know a post!
I have pictures to post from my girls night out last week as well!
Tune in later... hopefully I will collect myself by then and have put it all to print!
Happy week, y'all!



Bama Belle said...

Have a good time today! Take pictures

Keetha said...

Leigh - - - I know how you feel, but I went ahead and posted my "embarrassment" anyway. Go ahead - - - joint the tour.

Trina said...

Yea! Shopping with bloggy friends. I need somebody to freeze time so I can get finished with shopping. ARGH!!! :) Have fun!!

georgie said...

can't wait to hear about your bloggy luncheon!