Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Votes Are In

Record numbers were counted at the polls on Tuesday for the Presidential election. It was a first for my son, Bama, who was of voting age this election. Bama wanted to go with me to talk him through the process. I took Sledge and Smooth with us as well. I think it is important to share the process and explain the privilege that it is to vote. Smooth was very interested in the process, but all things in world history are fascinating to him. We all left with our stickers and pride in wearing them.
While at the polls I saw many of my friends working, very hard, I might add. Marlene checked me in...after "saving" my son at the high school the other day, I had a major thank you to issue out to her. Joy and Larry Childers were making sure that everything flowed smoothly. My friend Judy roamed the room answering any questions. Mr Billy looked great, as he issued ballots. He has come a long way from a stroke a few years ago. It is great to see him still so active. Brian Peters, Jackson Knox and "Major Dundee" were all on hand as well. I always enjoy getting to chat up my pal Brian, as I do not get to see him very often. I love to go and vote and see so many friends involved. It gives me great pride. It also gave me great pride that Bama stepped in to help as well. He pulled ballots and loaded them into boxes and then into the trucks to be counted somewhere else. This was Bama's second election to work and he really enjoyed it. He has Joy Mama to thank for having the opportunity, and I think she enjoys Bama being there as much as he does.
It's all over now. No more negative ads. No more bickering. A new president will soon take office. It is no longer a question of who. Regardless of our party lines, we must all come together as a nation and stand together. That is my plan. To stand strong. Proud. Free.


"J" said...

I voted and I was happy to! I was still registered where I grew up! They still had me down under my dads address!!!! YIPPEE!!! I was able to see a lot of my friends too!!! It was soooooooooooo nice!!!!

All I can say is....TIME WILL TELL!!!!!!

I'm sooooooooooooooooo over the whole election! I'm so ready for the TV ads and all that mess to be GONE GONE GONE!!!!! =)

The kid-o's are so CUTE with their stickers! I'm mad! I didn't get a sticker! lol

Travis said...

Congratulations to Bama on his first election. How exciting for him that it was a Presidential election, and such a historic one as well.

I believe we will come together and heal.