Saturday, November 8, 2008

So, What is Alabama Football?

SO WHAT IS ALABAMA FOOTBALL? -copied, author unknown to Leigh

It is Wallace Wade.
It is Bear Bryant.
It is Gene Stallings.
It is this man in charge.

It is not Bobby Bowden, Phil Fulmer or Dennis Franchione.
It is the Rose Bowl.
It is hearing Keith Jack son call an Alabama game.
It is watching George Teague running down Lamar Thomas in the 1993 Sugar Bowl then rewinding it and watching it again.

It is hearing the first notes of Sweet Home Alabama .
It is the desire to beat Auburn at any competitive event that exists.
It is a houndstooth hat.
It is being ' Dixie 's Football Pride'
It is having enough pride to fight for your school but having enough class not to.
It is cheering the same amount for a first down on second and 6 as on fourth and 1.
It is watching Cornelius Bennett give Notre Dame quarterback Steve Beuerlein a concussion on that October day in Birmingham in 1986.

It is determining who you are going to date & marry by which team they swear allegiance to.
It is beating Florida in the SEC title when everyone said the game in 'The Swamp' was a fluke.
It is watching The Bear on the Jumbotron before a game in Bryant-Denny Stadium and almost seeing him leaning against the goalpost in the end zone.
It is right behind God and family.
It is spending a day at The Bryant Museum and still not seeing everything.
It is cool crisp autumn Saturdays where you can smell football in the air and feel it whenever there is a slight breeze.
It is watching The Bear get number 315 against Auburn .
It is watching The Bear get number 323 against Illinois .
It is hearing Paul Kennedy do the play-by-play when Van Tiffin kicked the 52-yard field goal against Auburn in 1985.

It is remembering the feeling of the upper deck at legion field rumbling due to feet stomping.
It is knowing how many days until the start of a season year around.
It is driving down Colonial Drive to see Bryant-Denny Stadium not the sorority girls.
It is getting chills up and down your entire body whenever you hear anything about the 1993 Sugar Bowl and the pride you feel because that night tradition ruled.
It is hearing The Bear's voice and having all the hair on the back of your neck stand straight up because you know no matter he said, it was something special.
It is hearing The Million Dollar Band play 'Yea Alabama ' and knowing it just does not get any better.
It is imagining hearing Penn State Quarterback Chuck Fusina ask Alabama linebacker Barry Krauss 'How close is it?' and hearing Krauss say 'About an inch, you'd better pass' right before fourth down during The Goal Line Stand in the 1979 Sugar Bowl.

It is almost coming to tears whenever Alabama loses to Auburn or Tennessee .
It is The Kick. It is The Goal Line Stand. It is The Desperation Block.
It is purposely not wearing any clothes with the colors orange and blue.
It is the Third Saturday in October.
It is not needing an alarm clock on game days, you sit bolt upright in the bed long before the alarm goes off because you know that it is a gameday, you can sleep after the bowl game.
It is walking into a stadium and knowing Alabama will win the game no matter who they are playing because is just the way it is supposed to be.
It is the saying 'Offense wins games, Defense wins national titles.'
It is the Bear Bryant 'A'.

It is getting to the stadium hours before the game just to be there.
It is walking into another team's stadium and having those fans hate you because you are from Alabama .
It is the pride that a father has when he brings his children to a game so they may cherish the tradition.
It is the hit by Roman Harper in the 2005 against Tennessee that meant everything

It is beating LSU in Baton Rouge .
It is hearing the crunch as a linebacker dressed in crimson and white hits a running back dressed in orange and blue.
It is the pride you take in being every team's rival.
It is pulling for any team that is playing Auburn .
It is pulling for any team that is playing Tennessee .
It is singing Rammer Jammer period.
It is wishing both teams could lose when Auburn plays Tennessee .
It is knowing that the SEC Championship is a birthright.
It is being respected and feared at the same time.
It is holding up four fingers at the end of the third quarter.
It is not caring about a Heisman Trophy.
It is knowing what 'Mama Called' means.
It is whipping Auburn 31-7 in Jordan-Hare Stadium when nobody picked you to win.
It is NOT 'The Jungle'.
It is The Catch.

It is having 21 Southeastern Conference Titles.
It is having 12 National Titles.
It is more than I can ever mention in this list.
It is class.
It is tradition.
It is Alabama Football.

And it's about time, to all the legion of tide fans!
I hope I don't offended any Auburn fans. I went totally against the one rule and married one. And we are civil enough to root for one anothers team when we don't play one another and when the standing are not compromised. But, we have had a long drought in our luck. I am just so happy to have a rebirth in our team and in our Coach Saban.
Roll Tide Roll!


"J" said...

You sooooooooooooooo sound like me and Shad with NFL!! I'm a Cowboys fan and he is an Eagles fan!!! We are kind enough (or at least I am) to root for the other team! BUT...don't come around when the Eagles and Cowboys play!!!! Our house is MAD!!!!! lol

Derek said...

Awesome, Leigh! That actually gave me chills reading it. I may have to copy that for my own page if you don't mind.

Leigh said...

J- it's that or divorce one another. LOL!

Derek- go right ahead. I cannot take credit for it, but I thought a cool piece. The McTeague part brought back many memories...

Tammy said...


I hate that I didn't know you were going to be in T'town this weekend. We must meet sometime. We must.


Keetha said...

You had your hands full with LSU this past weekend.

I'm glad you won - - - I predicted you would and needed the points!!!

kathy said...

Roll Tide!