Sunday, November 9, 2008

Busy, Lazy Weekends....a Contradiction?

On Friday, I was so glad to see some rain (which might have been the issuance of my bad cold that evening, go figure with upper 70's temps, then rain, now briskly cool). Big Daddy took the day off on Friday to wrap up some business. We went and had lunch at Papa Saias with my mom and dad. I questioned the real reasoning for Big Daddy's off day as I found out the his favorite hot wing stop has an all you can eat hot wing buffet. "14 Flavors!", Big Daddy proudly boasted. As if I was impressed. He fought his way through the buffet line with a long line of police officers, power & cable guys, city workers-even some folks from the local television station 33/40 (my cousin, Gina included). It seems the word on the buffet has hit the street. LOL!
After lunch my mom and I hit the thrift store. I found some great buys....
This brand new white coverlet in a queen size. It is the Hotel Luxury Bedding label. It was $15.00. A steal! I will be using this on one of my beds at home, for sure!

And this vintage print of what looks to be peonies. It's very shabby sheek. I paid $24.00 for it. More than I would normally at the thrift store, but anywhere else would have been more than double. It is a large size print, about 2' by 3'. And the frame is gorgeous. It is very old, as evident in the papered backside, but no one will see that side. It's age adds to it's charm!

I also got an armful of decorating magazines. I refuse to buy magazines at the store anymore. I used to subscribe to People, Southern Living, Better Homes and Gardens, Coastal Living and Country Music Weekly, to name a few. I have allowed every one of my subscriptions to run out. I couldn't rationalize a renew when I can buy the same ones at 3 for a dollar at the thrift store.

I picked up some Portico on this trip. Portico is a local publication. A very well done magazine I will say. I was so excited to see one of my favorite local bands on the cover, Act of Congress. From a reporter to a fan, I am very interested in their music. It was a nice article on them. And while I am on the subject of Act of Congress, they have a new CD out. Visit their website on how to go about ordering. Congratulations to Act of Congress!

It was a busy weekend, though I woke up on Saturday morning with a terrible sore throat. I felt every bit of lousy. I had to ask Big Daddy to step in with the chauffeuring of kids. I couldn't have picked a better Saturday to be sick. It was good for him to really get a jest what any given day of mine as a stay at home mom is like. He carted kids to and from birthday parties (Happy B'day R&J!) then to cheer leading practise. He took care of lunch and errands to the bank.
It was quite nice. All this while I laid out on the sofa with my puppies, slept and read my "new magazines" and watched some TV.
CAN I GET A BIG ROLL TIDE on the football game on Saturday. BAMA against LSU! ROLL TIDE, BAY-BEE!
True, it might appear that I had it all planned out, but I didn't. despite what Big Daddy might think. I do appreciate his helping me out. I couldn't have done it without him.
I was like this much of Saturday....

It only makes me realize that I need to take more of my "sick days" that are due to me.
Sunday I felt a good bit better. I needed to be so that I could yell (really loud) for my daughter's and my friend Boss' squad's at the cheer competition.
The weekend flew by way to quickly....but for now, another work week ahead. The piles of laundry and dishes didn't wash themselves. It awaits me.
Hope it is successful work week for you!


Valarie said...

Sometimes your body just says slow down, and when you don't listen, it makes you listen. :)

Kirby3131 said...

I'm glad you took a day off (or two!) I know you needed it. I wish you didn't have to feel ill to do it, but I'm glad you listened.

Ummm, I had no idea that you could purchase magazines at the thrift store! I go to the doctors office to get my magazine reading quota in lol

Jenny G said...

Stay at home moms don't get enough sick days, good for you for taking one, our body's definately let us know when they need a day off!

"J" said...

I'm glad you got to stay home and relax!!! I hope you feel better!!! Cute pic of your pup!!!! Ohhhhhhh how I love dogs!!!! =)

Terri said...

you can have my copies of BH&G and Southern Living. I get them free at the office.