Friday, November 7, 2008

Sisters Two Open House

Oh, good! There you are! Just in time for the Holiday Open House at my friend Judy's store, Sisters Two!

There is nothing like a good window display to get you in the mood for the holiday's. I love window shopping, but come on! Let's go inside for the real goodies.

Lets begin with samples of cheese balls, there has to be 7 different kinds just to sample! Brownies and candy.....breads and candied nuts! Ummm!

OH! And drinks! Hello, Mojito. Hello Cranberry Fruit Drink that makes me blush. Hello Mango Margarita! This huge drink containers are sold for $12.99. Perfect for any party.

And there is also some spiced cider in the peculator. Now that says holiday!
Now that we have gotten ourselves something to drink...lets shop!

Cute Kids gifts.....

Everyone needs a candle. Especially Tyler candles. And Judy is offering a free candle to all holiday open house shoppers. So sweet!

This cute cutting board is a great but for a teacher. At just $10.00, it comes with the cutting board, napkins and a spreader knife.

Oh, these are great too! They are packaged together: oven mitts and hand towels for less than $12.00. Click to read the clever sayings. This would make a perfect hostess gift. You cannot walk into a party empty handed, ya know!

A perfect ornamental sign for the Sunday School Teacher....

Oh! I see an Elf! They are all over Judy's store!
I love these two platters. One says, Bless this Home", the other says, "Everything Taste Better with Beach in It!" I want that one!

Oh, look! A section for my son Bama...and Jen! "Dear Mr. Dust Bunny, You can get anything from the Alabama side for Jen and she'll be happy. Just a Christmas gift hint....."

Christmas Decorations with a holiday theme, as well as some for the Alabama and Auburn Fan in your house. I believe these balls were $12.99 each.

And look at these platters. I can name a few SEC tailgaters that would put these to good use! And look at the little frames below, $12.99! I am picking up a few to put our family Christmas photo in. We have one for each year. I take them out each season to display.

OH! Look! A Gnome! Does that say Hewy or Henry? Well, in any case, it has Hewy's name written all over it. Mrs No Sleep, here is an idea for the gnome on your list! It says that you can record a message and then the gnome will say it in "gnome voice". Or, I guess you could just ask "Hewy" to say it.....

Well, my arms are getting heavy. And I have found enough cheese balls for my pantry to get me through new years. For less then $6.00 a pop! I can't complain. Except when I hit the scales.
Oh, my gosh! Look! It is soooooo me!
A linen fingertip towel! Look what is says!
$12.99! It will go perfect in my kitchen!
What? More Southern Goodness?
Look at the plates, "Merry Christmas Y'all" and "Y'all Have Yourselves a Merry Little Christmas!"
My friend grabs a few, she is shipping them to Seattle and one is going to England! How cute!
I have to have one too! I am getting this one! Perfect for my kitchen counter!

Well, thanks for coming along! I sure bought alot. But I got all of my Christmas Shopping done, all while sipping a mojito. That's the way to do things!
Hey, should you find something in the store you want, give Judy a call, or email her with an order. Judy specializes in custom gift baskets for both the average person to corporate accounts. Judy will ship items too! Judy rocks!

Christmas on the Bluff
November 7 & 8- 10am-5Pm
November 9- 1-5PM

Sister's Two
589-A Shades Crest Road
Hoover, AL 35226
Next To "Bert's On The Bluff" And Across The Street From "Tip Top Grill"
Click here to Shop online
(Tell Judy that you saw on Bloggeritaville!)


jennifer said...

You KNOW the Merry Christmas Y'all stuff is right up my alley. What a great shopping experience! I am heading over to check out the online store NOW!

Have a great weekend Y'all!

jill jill bo bill said...

LOVE that store! I hope you are my SSS!!! Wish I lived closer to Ala!!!

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

I know where I will be doing some christmas shopping. Maybe she needs some Whistlestop cookbooks??

Keetha said...

Very festive!!!

Keetha said...

Oh yah, I'm pulling for your Crimson Tide to beat those Tigers today.

Tammy said...

Those Christmas balls are SO darn cute with the polka dots and the Awesome Alabama A!

Bama Belle said...

I love Judy and her store, like Jen I have a weakness for that ya'll stuff! I saw Judy Tuesdat and I promised I would be there so I am trying to figure out arund Bama/ LSU today. Might have to go tomorrow.
See ya Leigh!

giants fan said...

I wish I could come see all that in person! so cute!!

and I am so happy they spelled y'all correctly!! that is one of my pet peeves! LOL

HEWY said...

I went and picked up a taking gnome this morning! Thanks!

Leigh said...

Jenn- If you cant find it online, email her. She'll get it for you!

JIllJIll- Im not commenting.....

Sandi- I will ask her. I actulaly thought ot that too, but with OPen House, I knew she was busy. I will ask her though. I hope it works out. I would love to see your cookbooks in her store.

Thanks Keetha! RTR! We are cautiously optimistic. Go Tide! We want a win!

Aren't they Tammy? RTR!

Bama Belle- I know Judy will be happy to see you there. She loves her loyal customers.

Giants Fan- I coorected my mistake in my post. Sorry, y'all! The dishes and linens are precious!

Hewy-Oh, good! That gnome was sooo you. You could even incorporate one in a future hunt. I can soo see the gnome giving out the clues himself. Clever!

Tammy said...

WOOOO! We had "Merry Market" here in T'town today and I got me one of them thar 'Bama Christmas balls. SO CUTE!

Jenny G said...

Ahhh, Sisters Two, I remember it fondly from it's time in Helena, thanks for mentioning them and their new location, will definately be making a trip to see Judy for some Christmas shopping. Her family was always good to my husband's family he they had his store in Helena.

Lindsey said...

I'm lovin' this shop. I must go! Those Tyler candles are the absolute best.

Anonymous said...

Really cute!

Jennifer said...

What a great store! I was wondering if you received my email with my address for your print I won during bloggy giveaway carnival?

Valarie said...

Such cute cute stuff! Maybe I need to take a trip down to B'ham.

"J" said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh what a GREAT store!!!!! I love your write up!!!!!!! =) YUM YUM YUM cheese balls!!!!!!!!!