Monday, January 7, 2008

Papa Saia's Pizzeria and Sports

On Sunday the circus ventured out to Lowe's to purchase some wood blinds for our house. We were changing out what we now have (wood blinds) and I was quite disappointed in how they had yellowed through the years. After our shopping we were looking for somewhere to eat at the Alabaster Shopping Center. We happened upon the newly located Papa Saia's Pizzeria and Sports. I had eaten at the former location one night on a visit to listen to a band ( 4 on the Floor)with some girlfriends. Today, there was no band (Band nights are on Friday's) but it was the perfect place to take in some sports on the numerous big screen TVs while enjoying a meal. Big Daddy had his heart set on Hot Wings. He ordered a basket of 10 for $7.59. He asked the waitress for the Jamaican Jerk flavor and added, "I want them hot. Really Hot". The waitress explained that the jerk was a dry run and that the "hot" was a sauce. Big Daddy asked them to mix it together. "I want to warn you that is going to be hot", explained our waitress, Ziggy. "Order it up. I like it hot!" insisted B.Daddy. I ordered the personal cheese pizza for $4.99. The two kids in tow ordered the kids chicken fingers and fries for $3.99.
It wasn't long before the food arrived. Big Daddy took one bite of his wings, "Ahh these are just like Baumhower's!" (His high standard mark, for he loves the jerk seasoning there). He continued to rave at their great flavor. I was also pleased with my pizza. It was more than enough for me, I ended up taking home 2 slices of it. The Pizza had a great flavor. I have gotten down on local pizza's and hope to one day find a local favorite that can live up to my standard, Maters of Gadsden. While it didn't get a "Mater's rating", it was delicious and unlike the typical pizza's around (delivered in a cardboard box) that I have had. I liked the taste change. The kids enjoyed the meals and also ended up taking some chicken fingers home.
We were really glad that we stopped by. It is defiantly a place we will return to.I wanted to mention for game show lovers, on Thursday nights from 8-10PM Saia's has a "Game Show Mania" game. It sounds like fun. I think there is much fun and good food to be had at Papa Saia's. See you there.
Papa Saia's Pizza
750 Colonial Promenade Pkwy
Suite 400
Alabaster, Al 35007
also at
150 Chelsea Corner Way
Chelsea, AL 35043


Lulu said...

I've had my wood blinds now for 5 years, and several of them have started yellowing. But it seems to be the ones that get the most sunlight. Luckily, I have the faux wood, so they're not quite as expensive to replace as the real ones.

The wing sauce that your husband ordered sounds really good!

Leigh said...

We got the fauz wood this time. I heard it is less liekly to age, and yes, less costly to replace.

He loooved the sauce.We will be going back. He actually got the Baumhowers wings Jerk sauce out of a waitress that works there. I will have to post it sometime.