Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Weekend Rendezvous

I am big on doing things as a family, but I think it equally important to take time and remember how it all began. I am talking about time with your mate. Big Daddy and I were overdue for some "we" time so we made a call to my MIL and begged asked her to watch the circus kids for few days so that Big Daddy and I could make an escape. We took off for Orange Beach with my mom and dad for a long weekend. This is my favorite time of year to be at the beach, no crowds, perfect weather, the water always seems to be crystal clear. Mother Nature uses the changes in season and temperatures (like clockwork) and molds the beach into a completely different structure, like an artist wiping a slate clean and beginning a new artistic show piece.
The shore of the beach is now wide and flat, perfect for those strolls along the shores....conducive to relaxation. I just love it!! The time we spent went by to quickly, as it always does when you find yourself in paradise. But we milked our short vacation for all that it was worth, as you will read in the following few post. We went to some delicious restaurants. I intentionally wanted to try out some new places to see how they fared. We attempted to take a sunset sailboat cruise, but with Ike entering the gulf, the captain had put up his boat when Gustav blew through a week ago, "Just to be certain..." While I regret that we were not able to sail, a walk along the beach in the moonlight hand in hand with the one I love was even a better choice. Things just seem to work out that way, if you allow them.

I have alot to catch up on this week, besides trying to get my house into a decent shape, I have many comments to go through (forgive me for not checking my mail!), your blogs to read (I Love stopping by and reading up on the thoughts of blogger frans) and many of my own post to post!
I haven't had a chance to write up my "Meet My Frans" this week and I am plum embarrassed about it. I have some really great blogs and "Frans" that I want to introduce you all to. That is to come as soon as I get myself organized.

Also, my sincere thanks to A Schmitty Life for this award that she herself made "special" for me. I am not worthy, but I am duly honored and humbled. Sincere Thanks.

I also picked this one up from my friend Jeannie over at Musings

Stay Tuned....there is much to "talk" about.


Kirby3131 said...

It is so wise of you to know that alone time with your husband is important. Very very wise :)

Keetha said...

I love a good get-away. I can ALMOST see the water in the dark behind you!!!!!

Terri said...

That explains your absence! You have been missed in bloggyworld.

I registered for the house, and if I should win, you get a week in the spring, summer AND fall!

Leigh said...

Kirby-I think it goes back to that tending to a garden thing....if you dont-you'll have weeds. Nourish it and it will flourish. And we all need a date night.

Keetha- It's there. So pretty!

Terri- Yep. Thats why. Thanks for the house usage. I am banking on it if I dont win! Missed you at cardio on Thursday! I sweat more in that class on that day than all the days put together. I think Fabian drank several cups of Columbian coffee that morning. Whew!

Mrs. Schmitty said...

I need to be more like you and get out more with the hubs. Our big date nights these days seems to be an hour of watching tv before one of us falls asleep!

Leigh said...

Mrs Schmitty- I feel ya on that one. It is easy to do...but make that time. It is soooo worth it!

ThursdayNext said...

You tow are adorable together. :) I am glad you got some together time!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hey, Leigh, I announced Mt. Laurel on my blog on Friday a.m. so you probably missed it. I didn't get any takers this time. And it was raining like crazy, but I still scored some good finds. You'll have to wait until spring for the next one there. They do a spring & fall yardsale.

There may be more going on. I expect Brook Highland to have one soon, so if I see that one, I'll email you next time, OK!


Susan in the Psych Ward said...

Love weekends away with the hubby... thanks for the kind words about Elizabeth and ME!!! Aren't you awesome!!!!

jennifer said...

First of all, Congrats on the award!!

Since the move, our alone time has been SIGNIFICANTLY decreased. As in NONE. There isn't anyone down here to keep up with the kiddos, you know? Em is getting old enough to hold down the fort and we will rely on her I guess for an hour or two.

Glad that you and your fella got some time off together.


Leigh said...

Thursday Next- Thank you for that sweet comment. He's my soulmate.

Rhoda- Thats why I missed it. I was outta town. Yes, let me know abou tthe spring one or any other good ones you know of...or if you just want to go to some chance sales.

Susan- I meant it.

Jennifer-Make the time. Leave the kids for a couple hours to go to lunch or supper. And you can get to a place pretty quickly now that has a great waterfront view. Even a picnic. You deserve it!