Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Famous Floyd's Family Restaurant

The way to the beach is half the trip of the vacation, or so it seems. Inevitably one usually requires a stop for nourishment. I am not a fan of the fast food restaurant. I do not eat much of what is on the menu, and I would much rather find a mom and pop place and try it out. My dad is like me in that respect. It was around Evergreen, Alabama that the hunger struck. My dad got off of Interstate 65 south at exit 93 (Evergreen) and headed east, past the run of the mill fast food places. Our destination was unknown, except for the fact that no one wanted fast food. At the second stop sign we took a left and turned left onto Highway 31. There is a beautiful old train depot that serves as a good land mark.
Just behind that depot we found our stopping place, Famous Floyds Restaurant. It was a hole in the wall. We had no clue what to expect. We were seated promptly.
The menu offered choices such as meat and three's. As we waited for the waitress Bog Daddy eyeballed a hamburger that went by on a stacked plate that a waitress planned to deliver to a hungry customer. His mind was set-Hamburger.
We placed our orders and were brought our choice of sweet tea all around the table. I have said before, for me the tea you are served is often times a good meter for how good the food will be. The tea-passed with flying colors, enough so that I requested a to go cup when we did leave. The food took a bit longer to get that expected, but overall the wait wasn't to bad. The taste-supreme. My mother ordered a vegetable plate with slaw, okra, green beans and cornbread. My dad got the meat and three. He chose country fried steak as his entree with slaw, okra and fries. Big Daddy's hamburger and fries was cooked to perfection. Obviously a hand formed patty, fresh. Big Daddy gave it a big thumbs up and used it as a measuring device for the rest of the trip-to see if other burgers held up to it's taste. I was not terribly hungry and just ordered a baked potato and a cornbread cake. My potato was perfect. I stuck my fork in and it slid to the bottom with no give. Fluffy perfection. It was the best potato I have ever had. The cornbread was equally as good. Almost as good as mommas. I actually got a cornbread cake for the road.
I will definitely stop in a Floyd's again for a meal. Worth every cent.
(I apologize that I did not track individual items expense, but I can say that each meal cost about 5-6 bucks and included drinks)
539 E Front St
Evergreen, AL 36401
(251) 578-1114

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Betsy said...

I'm glad for the success of your vacation trip.