Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Orange Beach Condo Tour

This trip down to the coast, we stayed at my parents Orange Beach condo unit at Admiral's Quarters. It is right on the beach, and has it's advantages and disadvantages. This time of year the disadvantages are slim, simply said, "no crowds".
Come on in, and I will give you a tour of the unit....
The unit is a one level with two bedrooms and a pull out sofa, if need be. It sleeps 6 comfortably.
Here is the first bedroom. It has twin beds and a private bath on the left of the room.

There is a half bath across the way. On down the hallway we see the kitchen. On the right is a minibar, but our crew never uses it.

Where the sisal rug is, sits the dining area. I didn't take a pic of that. To the left of the table is the living area: (right view)

Left View:

Wait, what is that-there in the corner? It's Big Daddy doing what he does best....on the computer. Even he is at home here, checking stats on his fantacy football team.

Here is the master bedroom. King bed, and the linens are to die for. I usually get the pull out, but on this trip my parents insisted we have the master. First time evah to sleep in there. LOVE. Great mattress pad and sheets and pillows purchased at Tuesday Morning. Ahhhhh! Thanks Mom and Dad!

Down this hallway is a closet to the left that in my opinion is a waste of space. Honestly, it could have been another bedroom. Who, unless you are living there full time, needs a huge walk in closet? Through the doorway is a private "toilet area", separate shower and jacuzzi tub.

Off the balcony (11 stories up-it took me some time before I could even go out onto the balcony) is the view of this:

and this:

We took advantage of both in between alot of this:

Why do vacations always end to soon?


Himey said...

The great thing about the beach this time of year is no lines, no crowds, clear water, and perfect weather. I may never go back to the beach in June or July if I have an option to go in Sept or Oct. Let's just make sure we plan appropriately around college football games :)

Oh, and no reason to mention my fantasy football team!

Week 1 results: Crushed by a 13 year old by over 40 points

Wasn't even close, he beat me at every position with the exception of one of my defensive players. I would have been better off hunting for crappy shells than watching my team get smoked!

Lindsey said...


Great decorating, as always~!

Leigh said...

"Himey" (AKA Big Daddy)- I love the beach in off season when school is in session. College football games? Fantasy football? You should forget all of that when your feet are in the sand. Seems that things arent in your favor anyhow if you're getting beat by a little kid. And quit saying, "crappy shells".

Thanks Lindsey! Although it wasnt by my hand.

Connie said...

What a great place to get to vacation and the views are great! I love the beach!


jennifer said...

You are just TOO lucky!!! Parents with a condo! And Leigh, it is gorgeous (love Tuesday Morning).

Thanks for sharing pics!


Moriah Cathleen said...

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