Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bubba and Them at The Point

Guaranteed, if a restaurant, bar, honky tonk, joint, juke, jive, club, cantina, or pub has someone with the name Bubba playing music you are in for a show. This was true at the Point Restaurant, located just off of Perdido Key Florida. On weekends, you will find Bubba 'n Them playing some serious toe tapping bluegrass tunes all the while you partake of some freshly made seafood dishes. And did I mention that Bubba is a woman? That is Bubba there in the middle wearing a black jacket.

It's just one of those little unexpecteds that make life fun. Bubba N Them have been making memories for folks that come to the Point Restaurant from all over now for nearly 20 years. A night of a run of the meal supper becomes extra special when paired with Bubba and Them. B&T is Robin "Bubba" Kingry "keepin’ perfect rhythm on mandolin", Ray Smith "smokin’ on Guitar and the occassional banjo", David Glencoe "rockin’ out on the banjo and guitar", Teri Glencoe a tiny most petite woman swingin’ on the doghouse bass and Gaylord Brisbin III "sawing on his fiddle". You can make some fun memories at the Point every Fri and Sat night from 6 - 10pm and Thurs nights between Memorial Day and Labor Day.
I got a chance to briefly talk with " Bubba" and with guitarist Ray outside as they took a break. I wanted to photograph Ray's guitar. The guitar was stoked in character with names carved into it's wooden cavity. While I photographed Ray praised his wooden baby for "posing so lovely". Ray asked me if I was capturing it's picture because my name was carved into the wood. I told him no, that I just loved it's well worn loved look. He told me that during breaks he sometimes passes his guitar around the restaurant for patrons to sign, and then he asked that I sign his "girl" to which I gladly obliged.
Next time I am in, I will have to check it for my label on the guitar to see if it has darkened with age, as Bubba suggested it would. Be sure to add your own signature too-while checking out a killer Bluegrass Show by Bubba and Them at The Point Restaurant.
(Fun Family Entertainment! All ages welcome!)
Check out for upcoming shows here.

The Point Restaurant
Innerarity Point Road,
Pensacola, Florida 32507

more pics these by the Pensacola News

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