Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Leigh's Photography

I have a true passion for photography and travel. I became fascinated with photography at an early age and the fascination continues today. So many moments and emotions can be captured through a camera lens. Photographs tell a story. They can transport one to a specific moment in time. I feel so fortunate to be able turn my hobby into a career. Through photography and the ability to travel I am able to creatively express myself in a true and artistic form by capturing those special moments and times in life.
I am so excited to announce that I am now able to make my photographs available online. through Smug Mug. I have spent the better part of a day uploading my photographs and will continue to add selections to my galleries on a regular basis. I hope that you will stop by, leave a comment and even purchase a print should one move you. Be sure to consider one of my photographs for gift giving as the season approaches.
Thanks everyone for your support!

You can go to my online gallery here: http://photomemories.smugmug.com/
Copy it. Book mark it, set it as a favorite!

I sincerely thank you!


jennifer said...

I am surrounded by kiddos and can't concentrate right now. Later when all is quiet I want to take a look. Hopefully after they go to bed and hubby is reading I can have a little quiet time to take a peak at your photography.

I will let you know next time I am in North Alabama. Sooner or later we are going to work it out!!


butterflygirl said...

Congrats and how exciting!

Anonymous said...

I am smitten with 5, 15 and 40! I luv color- I'll be back-
Where are the prices?

Leigh said...

Jennifer- I can relate to that!

ThX Fly girl!

Dramam Mama- There are three galleries. Which galleries is that from? The prices: when you clcik on a picture to enlarge it , on the top right of photo (just above the pic) is a button that says "buy this photo". Click there and it will give you pricing options and sizing.Thanks for asking DM. Let me know if that works.

jennifer said...

Leigh your photography was just lovely. Girl, you have some serious talent!

And I spotted Lulu's! We just rode by there today and Hubby said we are going back sometime soon, just he and I.


jennifer said...

And I wondered the same thing as Drama Mama about the prices...

Snark Meister said...

Dangit! I totally have to buy one of the shots of Taylor now, lol.