Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dancing with the Stars Fall Edition Night 2

MISTY MAY-TREANOR & MAKSIM CHMERKOVSKIY - Mambo- Showcasing some fancy footwork Team M&M looks good tonight. She is much better with the mambo than ballroom. Scoring- the judges give them 7's across the board.

MAURICE GREEN & CHERYL BURKE - Mambo-Whoa, Maurice Green! Mean Maurice Green on the mambo! They tear the mambo up , even adding a cute little wave to it. And then the worm? Work it Maurice, work it! Scoring- 21 out of 30 for Maurice and Cheryl.

BROOKE BURKE & DEREK HOUGH - Quick step- Once again, Mzzz Brooke looks amazing (as agreed upon my my fran FRED-D). Amazing steps, she looks like a natural. Effortless and grace! Scores- 9, 8, 9 It goes to show, the moms have it with fast footwork, huh? We are used to all that running around....but I am still wondering how she gets those abs. Anyway, great job!

CLORIS LEACHMAN & CORKY BALLAS - Mambo-Here we go with that zany Cloris. I do love her! I can't say the same for her outfit though. Eww. There is alot of spanking in this dance, it's "cheeky" (pardon the pun) to say the least. Funny. Now for the scores:6,5,5. Cloris reacts with some harsh words saying the judges are being mean.

TONI BRAXTON & ALEC MAZO - Quick step-Toni did very well last night with her latin number, though she was completely out of breath. For a moment I thought she was going to go "Marie" but fortunately she didn't. She has heart disease so she does need to be cautious. Quick step, is well, quick. She looks amazing again, in her dress. The dance-light, effortless, very professional. She looks seasoned. Scoring: 8,7,8

WARREN SAPP & KYM JOHNSON - Quick step. Warren is a big dude and the quick step for him was interesting. Once again, though, he surprises me, he is light on his feet and he too seems very natural to dance. One wouldn't think he would move like that ( as I mentioned to Jackie Sanchez last night, who owns her own dance studio with her husband Fabian) but clearly Sapp proves himself on the floor. Impressive! The judges did point out to him that his technique lacked a bit. Scoring 7,7,8=22 out of 30

TED MCGINLEY & INNA BRAYER - Mambo-Ted looks good with his mambo, a bit stiff tonight in the latin number, but overall he looks good. Scoring-6,6,7 =19 out of 30

CODY LINLEY & JULIANNE HOUGH - Quick step- The youngest couple of the dance floor-
They begin from opposite sides of the stage stairs, then dance down on to the floor. Cody looks great. I am a bit surprised because for some reason I thought he would have trouble with this "mature" number. It looks smooth and effortless. That seems to be a theme for the night. Scoring- 8,8,7=23 points

ROCCO DISPIRITO & KARINA SMIRNOFF - Mambo- Last night I didn't know who Rocco is. I still haven't seen his show, but he is a doll. And his performance is grrrreat! I felt like I was watching Ricky Martin! Rocco exudes charm and together with the beautiful Katrina there is much sex appeal in this number. This is my favorite dance of the night! It had me dancing! Bravo, Rocco! Scoring,-7,7,7= 21 out of 30.

SUSAN LUCCI & TONY DOVOLANI - Quick step-Susan looks much more at home in the ballroom number. Last night I was bidding her ado, but tonight, I would give her a second look. There is much grace in this lady! She looks very confident in this dance. It contains alot of footwork but she has it dowwwwnnn! I couldn't help but think of Jane Seymore in Somewhere in Time. Lovely. Scoring- 7,7,8

Next Dancing with the Stars does something a bit different-its elimination round...and we all knew it was coming. Jeffrey Ross & Edyta are the first casualties of Season 7 . It was inedytable. I know, bad joke. But tis true. I read Edyta's lips before break and she said, "I know it is us". We all knew it. Good bye Jeff (still don't know ya?). In a sweet show of support, Jeff's family are all wearing eye patches. "They told me Edyta was going to be easy on the eyes," Jeff laughs. That's a way to go out.

KIM KARDASHIAN & MARK BALLAS - Mambo-Kim admitted that despite having "alot of junk in her trunk" she don't "have back". Meaning, she doesn't know how to shake it. And this mambo was evident of that. And even funnier is that they dance the mambo to Sir Mix A-Lot's "I like Big Butt's"! I like that choice. It made me laugh. Mark Ballas does a mean, no MEAN mambo, and he tears it up on this number, but Kim seems to just be walking back and forth, not much of any shaking going on. Or, once again, chemistry. Notta. And that just can't be on a sassy number like a mambo. I laughed also at Bruno's remark to Kim, "You've got more wasted assets than Fannie mae and Freddie Mac." He's right she has the "ass-ets" but not the motivation to move it. Sad. Shake what yer momma gave ya sista! Scoring-6,6,6 for a total of 18 out of 30.

Tomorrow night is another elimination plus, it will be a night in Heaven for my daughter Sledge....not only is Cody Linley on the show but also appearing on Wednesday is the Jonahs Brothers and Jessie McCartney. I will have to sedate dear Sister Sledge.
My final guess to go on tomorrow nights show. Sadly, I think it may be the end of the road for Cloris Leachman.


jennifer said...

Travis is doing his Dancing with the stars post too! I was shocked that Cloris Leachman was on the show. SHOCKED.

Terri said...

Cloris must go. And Rocco? He's a cutie!

tricki_nicki said...

Thanks for the update, I missed it again! I'm so glad you always do these posts so I can "watch" what happened by reading your blog.

Susan in the Psych Ward said...

All I can say is read my blog post today... OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!

"J" said...

Dang it! I missed it! I soooooooooooooooo wanted to see it! We were busy packing, moving or working...something...it's really all a blur at this point! =) In a good way!

We are sooooooooooooooooooooooo TIRED though! Just flat wore out!

Okay back to DWTS...
I can't wait to see M&M dance! I hope she makes it to the end! I also cann't wait to see BIG GUY Warren Sapp dance!

Leigh said...

Jen- Me and Travis get pumped over the DWTStars thing!

Terri- True, but she is so funny.

NIcki-I am glad you enjoy.


J- you have a good excuse!

I am going to post this tomorrow...but Marlee will be in town next week. Come on over to Fabians studio for cardio-she's going to work out with us. And let me say that girl is a trip. With she and Fabian, I can guarentee many laughs!

Travis said...

Sorry I'm late! I just realized that I should have put Rocco & Karina's Mambo on my encores and results post. He really surprised me. I didn't expect him to dance that well after the rough Foxtrot.

I'm loving the show so far!