Monday, September 22, 2008

Dancing with the Stars Fall Edition

Well, it's baaaaaaccccckkkkk! And me and blogger Travis are sure happy fans.

It's a new season on DWTS. And while I wholeheartedly missed seeing my pal Fabian on this season, I am sure I will get my fill at Latin cardio class on Thursday......but still it' not the same. Fabian, come back in the spring!

Without further ado, here's my wrap:

Julianne Hough & Cody Linley-I missed them, as I was on my way home from a sport event. I hated it because my daughter was dying to see Cody. My son gave a report that his bio was "hilarious". Will have to check it out on youtube. Missed the judges score.

ROCCO DISPIRITO & KARINA SMIRNOFF - I missed them, as I was on my way home from cheer leading practise. I have no idea who Rocco is. Missed the judges score.

MAURICE GREEN &CHERYL BURKE - I missed them due to cheer leading practise. Scoring, I saw at the end of the show-18 out of 30 for Maurice and Cheryl - straight sixes from the judges.

TONI BRAXTON & ALEC MAZO - Cha cha cha-Ok, first and foremost-Toni Braxton is a stunner. A stunner. As my son said, "she regresses in her looks." Several years ago she looked thirty, now twenty something. Amazing specimen. She's a natural on the dance floor. I think their choreography is good. She could be more fluid, but it is night one. Otherwise, fab. Carrie Ann gives them a 7, Len gives them a 7, and Bruno gives them an 8, an unusually high score for so early in the game. 22 out of 30 for Toni and Alec

BROOKE BURKE & DEREK HOUGH - Cha cha cha-I had no idea Brooke Burke was a mother of four kids. She just had a kid six months ago and she looks phenomenal. To borrow a line from my redneck family vocabulary book, "It ain't right!" Wow. Ok, they look great on the floor. She looks a bit nervous but she hits all of her marks. I saw her footing miss a bit, but otherwise-thumbs up. You go girl! I think she and Ton i Braxton are neck in neck. Carrie Ann gives them a 7, Len gives Brooke and Derek an 8 and Bruno gives them an 8. A 23 out of 30.

TED MCGINLEY & INNA BRAYER - Foxtrot-It's McGinley with new pro dancer Inna Brayer. They dance classic foxtrot. It flows well and looks good. Scoring -A six from Carrie Ann, a six from Len, and a six from Bruno. 18 out of 30 . Someone commented a while back on this blog that McGinley was considered "bad luck". We shall see about that.

LANCE BASS & LACEY SCHWIMMER - Cha cha cha-Lance Bass, The Bass Man, from the band N 'Sync. Lance claims that he was the worst dancer on N 'Sync- I was never a fan so I haven't a clue. What I can say is that his dance partner, the new, Lacey Schwimmer, is an absolutely doll. A doll, I tell ya! And ya gotta know that I love her hair. They dance an amazing cha cha cha that made me want to get up and dance. They will be ones to watch. They look fantastic and relaxed even on night one. I am going out on a limb here, night one to say that they are my favorites. Scoring-Carrie Ann gives them an 8, Bruno gives them an 8, Len gives a disappointing 6. 22 out of 30

CLORIS LEACHMAN & CORKY BALLAS - Foxtrot- When I heard that Cloris Leachman was on DWTS I knew that the censor button should be ready. She is known for her sailor banter and she is funny as can be. Tonight was a perfect example of that. She had me rolling. I love her and hope she'll be back for a few more just so I can watch her. Cloris is the oldest competitor ever to be on Dancing with the Stars. She's teamed with Corky Ballas, who is Mark Ballas dad. Now on to their dancing- it isn't a challenging dance, in fact it looks somewhat clutsey, but it isn't to terribly bad. Although, thus is the worst of the night. Oui! Scoring- 5, 6, and a 6. Cloris isn't happy with her scores and the censors are bleeping her salty language. LOL. Gotta love her!

JEFF ROSS & EDYTA SLIWINSKA - Cha cha cha- I had no clue who Jeff was and still don't. I can say though, that he is funny. His dance skills, however are THE PITS. Sorry Jeff. Its called honesty. I wouldnt be any better myself. That is in Cloris' favor (actually not since they will vote off one man and one woman celeb). Jeff Ross scratched his cornea but I cannot buy that it is the reason for his and a lack dancing ability. It's really bad. Really sad. Scoring 12 out of 30-straight 4's. Deserving.

KIM KARDASHIAN & MARK BALLAS - Foxtrot-It's the reality TV diva Kim Kardashian (next Paris Hilton) and her partner, last season's champion Mark Ballas. She got lucky to get Mark. We shall see if he can make her dance. Actually it is a good dance number, though there is absolutely zero chemistry. I think she hit her marks, but it was so lacking pizazz and relationship of chemistry between the two. Carrie Ann gives a 6, Len gives them a 7, and Bruno gives them a 6.

SUSAN LUCCI & TONY DOVOLANI - Cha cha cha- Will Susan , the queen of daytime TV soaps win an disco ball? Hmmm....Let me say that Tony Dovolani doesn't let down Big Daddy who still wants a shirt like Dovolani's. Perhaps he will come out with a clothing line......ok back ot the dance.....not so good. Susan looks nervous, restrained and I hate to say about a daytime actress who is a queen, but I think she has zero chemistry with her partner and no relationship to her dance. She should have acted it out. But she didn't. Susuan, I love you but night one wasn't good for you. It may save Cloris. It would in my book. Carrie Ann said that she wants Susan to put on some weight. I agree, she looks so frail and fragile. Big Daddy agreed. Boney women ick him out. Lucky for me, huh? Scoring-15 out of 30.

MISTY MAY-TREANOR & MAKSIM CHMERKOVSKIY -It's the return of MAKKKKKKSSSSSS. And I am happy. He makes me laugh with his attitude. They are dancing the foxtrot. Misty looks very mechanical on the dance floor, very robotic. Needs to work on the grace and poise. But over all it's decent. Carrie Ann gave them a 6, Len gave them an 8, and Bruno gave them a 7.

WARREN SAPP & KYM JOHNSON - Cha cha cha- Man, Warren Sapp is HUGE. It's like watching beauty and the beast-only in the size of the two together. Surprisingly though, as big as Sapp is he is equally light on his feet. He looks like he's really enjoying himself and feeling the music. A fun number, I LOVED it! Carrie Ann gives a 7, Len gives a 7, and Bruno gives a 7. 21 out of 30

Don't forget to vote! Call, text, or email your votes tonight! The couple with the lowest combined score of votes + judges' score is going home on Tuesday. Remember, the judges' scores only make up part of each couples' total score, so your favorites need your support. This Tuesday one of the 13 stars are getting kicked off the show, and then on Wednesday another of the 13 stars are getting the boot. Who's it gonna be? You make the call - literally.


Travis said...

We agree on quite a few points. I did catch the first dances and have reviews of them, if you want to check it out.

Wasn't Lacey terrific??? I was worried about her competing in the choreography, but she did great with Lance.

This is going to be a wide open season. Have fun!

Susan in the Psych Ward said...

Glad you blogged about DWTS... I did and I think Rocco was on my blog, left a message and BAM! I have celebrities on my blog!!!! Any hoo, who else do I know on my blog in LA?????? Tonight should be interesting!!!