Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Living Kite

I just adore katydids and cicada's. They make the most wonderful sounds on a summer night.

Another bug that omits a wonderful tune is a June Bug!
Then I got to thinking about the June bug. This is what is needed to make a living kite. It is a great form of cheap entertainment. What you do is to tie a piece of string, ever so gently, to one of the legs of a June Bug. Then, allow June bug to take flight. My mother showed me and my brother this one. Growing up in a very poor household, she became quite ingenious to some very interesting forms of entertainment. These that I pass along to my children, because if you haven't heard, my husband is very "frugal".
And it really is a sight to see a living kite!
(Will try and get some vi doe of this. Didn't film the looking for another cicada so I can show you this one!)
Please note that no insects were injured or harmed for this post or the said mentioned cheap entertainment. Katydid was released to fly free.


"J" said...

I've never heard of this?!?! Sounds soooooooo cool!!! You have to film it!!!! =)

jennifer said...

I ADORE the sound they make! The 7 year cicadas are cool!

Yep, I know ALL about June Bug entertainment!