Monday, September 15, 2008

Bahama Bob's Beach Side Cafe

"Lower the Latitude-Better the Attitude". It's my philosophy. But it is also the philosophy Bahama Bob's Beach Side Cafe located in Gulf Shores Alabama. The story goes that "while on a treasure hunt off Rum Cay Bahama, a hurricane nearly sank Bob's 45 foot sailboat, the "Kavu". The main sail gone and losing power he made it back to George Town Bahama. To celebrate his near miss with death, Bob partied for 3 straight days! When he awoke, blurry eyed and he did, Bob stumbled next door to the bar for a Bloody Mary.
Feeling much better Bob booked a ride on the Staniel Cay Express, the slowest boat in all the islands. Finally landing in Stanial Cay, Bob caught a ride on a sea plane to Bimni. There he met Captain Chuck Rohr and his all girl crew "(cuz girls rock!)."They became immediate friends. They set sail for Key West, making landfall nearly 3 days later. Bob headed straight for Margaritaville (like most "INSANE" folks who know a thing about Key West). Several rum drinks later he ran into Frank & Steve, old friends from Gulf Shores. They convinced him to come back with them to *the other side of paradise* on West Beach. They had an idea! "We could build a little slice of Island living right here"

So.....this it soon was , "Bahama Bobs". Lots of spirit, spirits and attitude. This is a favorite of the island locals. I have heard rave reviews on this little beach side cafe, it was now time to try it out for myself.

We chose a seat beach side on the covered porch. The weather could not have been more perfect, sunny with a constant sea breeze. My brother actually ate at BB's this summer and commented that even in the hot summer temps the porch was made comfortable by some heavy duty ceiling fans. These were absent on our visit, with three hurricanes lurking in the gulf-they were removed for the time being, but we didn't miss them.

(I do not know why Big Daddy insist on making faces when I take his picture. I think just to tick me off. That's my mother and Dad with him.)
Big Daddy ordered the buffalo wings @ .75 cents each. I, again being a cheap date, ordered a grill cheese and fries from the kids menu ($5.99).

My mother and Dad both ordered the hamburger ($6.99 the recommended dish, from locals, saying it is the "best on the island").

We were each quite pleased with our meals. My only beef was that the grill cheese is grilled on an "inside out" burger bun. I prefer sliced bread. The inside out makes it a bit tougher to me and doesn't grill up as nice and toasty as bread slices. Big Daddy loved his hot wings. And my parents gave the burger a two thumbs up. One thing that really pleased me and Big Daddy was when Big Daddy asked for ranch for his hot wings the waitress delivered this:
See how surprised, yet blissful Big Daddy looks? It is because Bahama Bob's doesn't charge extra for condiments, like some places. NO dollar signs rang up in Big Daddy's eyes when it was set down on the table. Delicious homemade ranch to cut the bite of the heat. Free. I love this place. We all agreed that we will be making return trips to one of our new island favorites.

(Kids Menu Available)

Bahama Bob's Beach Side Cafe
601 West Beach Blvd.
(1/2 mile west of HWY 59)
Carry outs available. (except between 7-9PM during summer hours)


Anonymous said...

Trasheka and LA realtor took us there this summer- it was awesome!

Tammy said...

Oh my goodness, those "wangs" sure do look delicious!