Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tales on Tuesday

I am back! If you're reading this...you're either a really dedicated reader to this blog, really bored, or in need of professional counseling. Some of you will probably fit two of those categories. In any case, thank you for sticking with me while I recovered from my weekend and got a jump on some must needed housework since the kids are back in school. Let us raise a cup of coffee to that! As much as I enjoy having them home, and I do, my house stands in a constant state of chaos when they are home. I liken it to a shoveling snow in a snowstorm, what is the point? Now that school is back in session, this is the time when I can finally constitute some order and toss some toys that they will never even miss! But, that can wait just a bit longer....There is so much to post about.
I have to begin with my attending my 20th annual high school reunion "get together" this past Friday night. As much apprehension that I had before, it immediately vanished as soon as I saw those familiar faces (no one has changed! All have aged wonderfully!). We all fell right back into conversations of good times and memories of the past. There were many laughs. Even a tear a two...by you know who...I cry at the drop of a hat...but it was all good ones in seeing some friends that I truley love that have permanent footsteps on my heart for. I have replayed the night over and over again in my mind, only wishing I could do it all again this weekend. Where does time go?
Being with old friends (the best kind) only made me realize how much I have missed them. We spent some 300 days a year together. That's a total of 1200 days together during our high school careers....alot of TIME. And this was just high school. Most of us attended middle school together and a great number even attended elementary school with me. Alot of time. And I miss them. I didn't realize I did as much until Friday night. If anyone out there is questioning attending a class reunion, or that may have any apprehension about attending, as I did, Go. Just go. Don't regret not going. True, by not attending you wouldn't know what you missed, but what you missed would have enlarged your heart 2 x's I am certain. It did mine. Go. I wish I could recount each and every story from that night (and there were many) but due to a strict confidentiality clause, I will refrain. To some it up, we had a blast!
I will mention one really funny incident:
My classmate and friend, Glenn saw my brother in law, "the artist" and snuck up from behind him, giving the artist a hug so big, that it caused him to faint! On the floor. He was only out for about 5 seconds but bless Glenn and Tony. I think it embarrassed them both, although there was no harm done. That's some hug! Big love!

Now on to more post. There will be many. Sit down, grab a cup of joe-or something harder if that is what is required to get through it all, and come along for the ride....and thanks, sincere thanks for stopping by the island.


Terri said...

I'm so glad you had a fabulous time! I was afraid you didn't because you were not blogging for 48 hours. I was very concerned.

My son's homework last night was to memorize the HHS alma mater. I just kept singing it over and over again except saying "berry" instead of hoover. He asked why it was necessary to learn it and I told him that when he's 40'ish, he will cherish the alma mater and all the memories he made. His response? "school sucks".

Oh well!

jennifer said...

I am laughing at the knock out hug. Was the guy wrestler? Was it the sleeper hold?

Glad that you had so much fun.


Leigh said...

Terri- THX for missing me. YOu are sweet. Yes. If I am not blogging....

I recall a similar response, but I too am corrected.

Jennifer- Yep, both former wrestlers. LOL.

"J" said...

I'm so glad you went!!!! =)

Patty said...

Hey Leigh! As promised, I am "catching up" on all things Leigh, LOL! Friday WAS a blast and I am so glad I went as well! I must have missed the sleeper hold... That is priceless!