Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Melting Pot, Part II

An update to this post, The Melting Pot. I am not one to complain. So , the night that my husband and I were at the melting pot the manager of the Melting Pot came around and asked how our meal was, I wanted to cry when he asked. But instead, both Big Daddy and I gave a dry and unenthusiastic, "fine". Which if you are a man, I hope you can decode. Fine is interpreted by the vocal response. Don't mistake it, for it may be your last.
I know, I should have spoken up then and been forthcoming. But I didn't. And I apologize for it.
The manager then asked if we would take an online survey of our experience. After my experience and feelings about the night, of course I filled out the survey. And on Friday, a call, from the manager, who received the survey. He offered a very sincere apology and a full money credit for our meal. I was very impressed with the manager's urgency and desire to please. I want to personally thank the manager for his attempts to make us happy and to listen to our concerns. It is most appreciated. And for what it is worth, though I was disappointed with my meal in general, I do recommend the chocolate fondue. On the website, The Melting Pot will send you a free coupon if you register. Hopefully your experience will be greater than mine.


Keetha said...

Oh Leigh, this is such a post of grace on your part!!!! It makes me go all "awwwwww" inside!!

jennifer said...

I went back and re read the Melting Pot (I couldn't get it on the link, I had to scroll down). I am so glad that the manager made things right for you. That was a HIGH dollar meal for two people and for you not to be enthused.

I am with you - the management definitely is good.


Leigh said...

Keetha- Your comment makes me go awwww. I appareicate that. So kind.

Jen-You can image how much better I feel. That has really bugged me. Happy now.

"J" said...

So are you going to take him up on the credit of your bill and will you go back and try again?

I've always wanted to go there!!!! =)

He seems like a great manager and I'm glad he made it right with you!

tricki_nicki said...

Wow, that was nice of the manager. I'm glad you said something - I don't think anyone should pay for food they didn't like.

Hmm, maybe I should complain about their food and they'll give me a free meal there...nah! But I do love their food!