Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Locals-Here are Three Sales Not to Miss (Updated)

Temptations Jewelry Sale
I have mentioned this to so many people throughout the years that I should start demanding kickbacks. I am talking about the Temptations Jewelry Sale. Get ready, my friends,it is about to commence. It's the summer clearance sale. You will not want to miss it! This sale has new outlet jewelry for $3.99 and HUGE DISCOUNTS on the wholesale line. With over 50,000 pieces in stock, it's the place to go to do some Christmas shopping, and it isn't to early to start. Get a jump on all those teacher and family/friends gifts and avoid the crowds at the mall.
See Dates and Times below:

Temptations Jewelry Sale
999 Yeager Parkway (at the Pelham Office NOT the complex!!)
Pelham, Al. 35124


Seller sign up for the Riverchase Methodist Church, Tried -n-True sale will be weekdays beginning August 18th from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. in the Day School office and will continue until all slots have been filled. If you have nay children's clothing or items (including toys and furniture) to sell, this is your gold mine. For more info on items that acceptable to sell, click here. Also at that link you will find an answer to every question you might have about the sale. Proceeds from this sale serve to support and enhance programs of the day school and children's programs of the church. It is also used to support children's programs and projects in the community, our nation and around the world. Their mission is to serve children wherever we find a need. For more on charities that receive the benefits, click here.

The sale itself will be on
Friday, September 19, 20089:00 a.m.-6:30 p.m.
Saturday, September 20, 20088:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.

Finally in Helena, at Bead Biz....

So mark your calendars for some great deals!


beadbiz Babe said...

Can you post my beadapolooza event on your blog.
I can send you a poster via email if you want

nancygrayce said...

Too bad I don't live near enough!!! I did have a friend that lived in Pelham for many years however! It's a small world.

Leigh said...

Beadbabe- OF course

NancyGrayce-Oh, I know. You can really stock up. Pelham is a stones throw from my house....

LZ Blogger said...

We loved watching all of the "Dancing With The Stars" Shows"jb///

Zinnia said...

I love the Temptations jewelry sale, it is so easy to find gifts for all my friends and me :)

I might see you there!

Leigh said...

LZ blogger-It is to be on again soon. Cannot wait!

Z- I hope I do see you. How are things? I miss you and have had you on my mind. BTW- My mom was looking at reunion pics and commenting on how gorgeous and exotic you are. I told her the beauty runs deep inside as well.