Saturday, August 2, 2008

Leighlapooluza 2008-Part 2 Pooluza!


HEWY said...

Awesome Awesome Awesome! Happy Birthday!

Leighs Mom said...

Happy birthday to you, my beautiful and precious daughter. You are such a special and loving blessing from above. God is so good. And so good to me. You are such a precious and beautiful spirit.
Your Dad and I are so proud of every way. Your birth is a blessing in our lives and we love you so very much. Happy Birthday!
I love you,

Mrs. Schmitty said...

Happy Birthday!! Is that an Armadillo Cake with Red Velvet Cake like the groom's cake from Steele Magnolias? AWESOME!!!

Leigh said...

Thank you Hewy! I appreciate that!

Mom, it is I that am blessed by you. Thank you for your kind words and for always making me feel special!

Drama Mama- Good eye! It is indeed! I love the movie, have always said that my friends are my own steel magnolias and always thought the cake was brillant. And I am nutty enough to want one. They got me good and surprised me with it. You can imagine my face when I saw it!