Friday, August 1, 2008

18 and Life to Go.....

Tell me I am not old....
This kid seen here:

*Is of the age of majority
*He is the at the legal threshold of adulthood as it is conceptualized in law.
*If necessary he could legally cease to be a minor and assume control over his persons, actions and decisions, thereby terminating the legal control and legal responsibilities of we,his parents over and for them. But he wouldn't do that. He has it good. And we remind him of that often.
*If he wanted he could enter into a binding contract. But He is 18. Still "wet behind the ears". Be leery.
*He can now legally vote, and he is looking forward to finally exercise that right in November.
*He could join the military. Go serve our country proudly.
*And scary as it is, he can marry without obtaining consent of others-including myself. But don't think he wouldn't hear about it.
Yes. It seems yesterday that I was "of legal age" in the eyes of the government. Truly, it was.
And I must say, that that kid, pictured above, has made me proud.
Well, expect for that youtube video that I found out about yesterday. His friends showed me.
But seriously, it made me laugh. And I must say, he has some good dance moves as demonstrated in it. I was once young too. Just yesterday....
Nope, All in all. I think we have done pretty good with this one. The verdict is still out on the others....LOL.
Happy Birthday "Bama"! Big Daddy and I love you!
Ok, tell me....I am not old. I am not old. I am not old. Certainly not old enough to have an 18 year old......


butterflygirl said...

Send birthday wishes his way!

nancygrayce said...

Of course, we're never old enough to have growing children. That's just silly! It's not our fault they can't stay little. :) Enjoy the birthday!

Keetha said...

How do you think you'll feel when you have a 31 year old?

Leigh said...

Thanks "Fly Girl".

NancyGracyce-True. But it seems that about 8 years ago time began ticking away at a more rapid pace. Is it just me?

Keetha-OLDER! My husband would say "Happy. They'll be on their own!" LOL.

Grand "Mom" said...

Happy birthday to my precious Bama Boy. God has blessed us so much with your birth 18 yars ago. You just dropped right out of the heavens and landed softly on my heart. I can't say enough what a blessing you are.
I still remember your birth, oh so well.....the excitement, the concern of birth, is everything okay, listening for your wail, to draw your first breath. Everything is fine! Thank you, God, for your precious gift.
Happy birthday, my precious grandson!
I love you,

"J" said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Happy Birthday Bama!!!!! =)

I hope you have a WONDERFUL day!!!

I love the title....
I sooooooooooooooooooooo know this song from back in the GOOD OLE DAYS!!!

I actually seen this band open up for Bon Jovi! Wow that was a long time was even before you were! Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!


The Troll said...

Great thoughtful post. No, you're not old. Old is officially one year beyond whatever I am.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!! ~The Claridy Family :)

Dullbert said...

tell Bama some creepy guy from the internet said happy birthday !

tricki_nicki said...

Happppppy birthday Bama - eighteen years!

Leigh, my mom never gets upset about her age, it's mine she doesn't like to hear about, so I know what you mean! But no, I don't think you'll ever really be old.

And isn't 18 and Life an old 80's hair band song?

Leigh said...

Mom-That is sweet. I know Bama appreciates it.

J-I too saw them with Bon Jovi! Like Buffett says, I am growing older but not up....LOL

Thanks Troll. But that is what makes a troll distinguished and knowledgeable.

Thansk HIgh May.
Dullbert, I know he will appreciate. He doesnt think your creepy.

Trickie- You are right. I am not old in my age, but when I think I have an 18 year old it doesnt seem right. It seems like yesterday I was 18 and jamming to 18 and Life....OH! You know it. Skid Row. 18 and Life to Go is the name of the song. Although the song was about a kid that killed and had 18 to life. Not the same where mine is 18 and has his life ahead of him. But you know I would always resort back to a hair band lyric. Can't help it.

PAT said...

Happy Birthday Bama!!
I just read your g'ma's sweet note. My oldest granddaughter was 18 in May. It really is a milestone for G'ma's too! This said with a little tear in my eye. My best to you!

Leigh, have a wonderful weekend!

Travis said...

Happy Birthday to your young man and best wishes for a bright future.