Monday, July 14, 2008

Treasure Hunt, THANKSUSA.ORG

So, to get the party started this week, I was trying to be clever and come up with a virtual treasure hunt. I began doing alot of research, but then stumbled onto a web site of a virtual hunt. It is called ThanksUSA. ThanksUSA began as the "brainblast" of two Virginia schoolgirls in 2005 as a non-partisan, charitable effort to mobilize Americans of all ages to "thank" our active-duty troops by providing college, technical, and vocational school scholarships to their spouses and dependents. ThanksUSA's third American history treasure hunt designed to celebrate America's values and to promote scholarships for the kids and spouses of the military.
When I read that the treasure hunt actually benefits military families I was onboard 100%, my virtual treasure hunt idea can wait (and it will resurface). This is right down my alley.

Treasure Hunt Three is Free ... although I hope you will make a donation to the scholarship fund for the families of our brave men and women in uniform who protect our freedoms each and every day. You can make a contribution at using a secure system that protects your financial data and your privacy, or you can call 1-888-thx-usa08 (1-888-849-8720). Every contribution counts.
Send $5 to:
ThanksUSA Clues
1390 Chain Bridge Road, #260
McLean, VA 22101

To sign up for the hunt go here.
To play a sample game you can visit here.
Watch the video.
I think it is a fabulous idea! Good for these girls, who took an idea and ran with it.
And who doesn't like a treasure hunt?
So off with ye now my pirates and 'xplore.......

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