Thursday, July 31, 2008

By Any Other Name... Is it the Same?

Go to this web site put in your first and last name and see how many people in the USA have your name as well. Guess hwat, I am unique. There is only one with my first and last name-ME! How many are there of you?


Terri said...

There are 88 people in the U.S. named Terri Ray.

I knew there was another in Alabama. She uses UAB and our records got mixed up.

Keetha said...

Just ONE Keetha Broyles. I even ran my maiden name and there was only one of me then too. :-)

No wonder my HS driver's ed teacher was so shocked about my first name that he embarrassed me in front of all the others in the class :-(

Anonymous said...

what's funny about that...I am the only one in the US with my name. My husband is one of only TWO people with HIS name...and the only other BC works for the same company as him! Ha. They get each other's emails a lot.

Travis said...

254,479 named Travis, which is the 254th most popular name, 99.4% of those named Travis are male.

24,381 with the last name Cody, which is the 1454th most popular last name.

20 people are named Travis Cody.