Thursday, July 31, 2008

Leighlapooluza 2008

I have said it once, but I will say it again. I have the best friends. They listen to me. They tolerate me. They love me and all my quirkiness. Last night I was informed of a plan my friends have hatched. They told me that Saturday is the first annual Leigh-lapooluza! They have swallowed their pride and are picking me up Saturday morning to take me rollerskating! None of them want to be on skates, but they are doing it. Cuz they like me, they actually like me.
This will be followed by a Margaritaville style luau at Diva's place. I do not know anymore than that, but High May said there is another surprise in the horizon. Oh! I cannot wait for Saturday! I have been missing my skates. I am calling to the rink and having them have "Another Bites the Dust" in the cue. You have to skate fast to that song and it brings everyone out to the floor....remember? Oh my shopping list for today, pom poms for my skates. OH! And headbands. Worn on the forehead, often braided with some shiny cord in it. Do they still sell those?
Ya'll come skate!


tricki_nicki said...

I wish I could come! You inspired me to buy a pair of skates on E-bay - they're not the cool Pumas I wanted, but they're good for outdoors. Yeeeeeaaaaaah boyyyeeeeee!

Zinnia said...

I think you guys will have a great time, I can't wait to see the pictures!

Leigh said...

Trickie and Zinnia-I would love for you to come and skate with us! Trickie, I am touched that I was your inspiration. I love to skate. It brings back such fond memories!!
Zinnia-Come on, Saturday morn.

JennV said...

How cool is that?!? Leigh-apalooza sounds like a Blast! Hope you're enjoying it to it's fullest today!

Anonymous said...

Wish I coulda stayed. I have had my fill of kids....and here I am alone with them, again.

"Another One Bites the Dust" tormented me as a child. Kids would play it on the school bus and laugh at me. Sigh. Back in the day when kids brought "boom boxes" to school.