Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fishin' for Inspiration

I recently got an email & photo from my friend Sharon (who lives on the gulf coast). I was so envious of what I saw. Her husband David and a few of his friends recently made this catch.....

It appears that snapper and redfish are running!
Looks like there will be some fish fry!!!
(Sharon, Let me know when! Big Daddy and I will be there!)

While I am on the subject of fishing...I posted on Monday about my friend J of Musings from Left Field, who is doing some major house restoration on a lake house that she and her fiance recently purchased. She asked me to keep a look out for lake decor items when I am out and about.
I got to telling her about an idea I did with an antique minnow bucket that I purchased at an antique store for next to nothing (can also be found on eBay dirt cheap). I have hopes to eventually make the bucket into a lamp for J Smooths room. But until I get to that room and for the past year my minnow bucket has served as a luminary for my deck outside. I just inserted a candle and because of the tiny holes in it, it cast such a beautiful glow. And it's perfect for outdoor use. I don't worry about it in the weather at all. Here is a picture, maybe you too can be inspired by something as odd as a minnow bucket, as I was.

Now while I am off to get my fishing rod, you can go and look for some old minnow buckets...

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"J" said...

I've missed so much!
I need to get soooooooooooooooooooooo CAUGHT up on your blog! =)

I love the minnow bucket idea! I went crazy telling everyone about it this past weekend! I have everyone on the look-out for OLD minnow buckets! Thanks to you! =)