Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Meet My "Frans"....

Military Mama - I cannot recall if Military Mama found me or I her. It really doesn't matter. I think she's great! She is indeed a "Military Mama". She is a new Navy wife, very new mom, and is livin' in a new place. Her blog is about attachment parenting, proudly breastfeeding, and trying to go green! She also can handle pressure-obviously. She is in charge of a newborn while her hubby is overseas. I recall, I emailed her a letter one night, of my appreciation of her family and their sacrifice. I was so touched by this family. One of the most humbling things to me as an American are those that enlist in the military to the good of our country. Bravo to this Military Mom, one who can use a post of support.

milkbreath and margaritas-I found her somehow, and I thought her blog had such a cute name. So I kept coming back. She is a married wife of Three children. She works full-time at a paying job, in addition to her mothering duties. And she has questioned herself for it, as many working moms do-work or be a stay at home mom? She blogs "because it's cheaper than therapy". She is to cute and boast a sassy new do. What's not to love?

Miss Bossy Pants -I met Miss Bossy Pants at the skating rink. I had been reading her blog for sometime and seen her profile pic. Fast forward to New Years Eve 2007. I was at the roller rink, because that is where I like to spend my days. I had sat down to put on my skates, when I noticed a lady behind me that looked very familiar. "Er, excuse me, mam? Miss Bossy Pants??" I asked. She looked at me hesitantly before confessing that she was indeed Miss Bossy Pants, author of one of the Helena blogs I often read. She knew me immediately too, which was a hoot. What had a good laugh, as we both recognized one another from our blogs. Since then me and Bossy have met up at the Idol contest and found we have more than a few things in common. I now consider her a real friend. She is one that I think would do anything for you, well, except join a derby team. As much as I have begged her. Bossy's satire and dry wit always leaves me laughing. She says what I wish I could say. After this post I am enrolling in her new class, "How to grow a set of Balls"-check out her blog. Maybe you will grow some balls too. Love her!

Musings From Left Field-She is one of the sweetest people that you would ever know. To type like her, I would say she is sooooooooooooooo soooooooooooooo sweeeeeeeeet! Yep, that is essentially, "J". Of all the bloggers I know, I think J and I share the most in common. We "talk" about every day. J recently became engaged, to a guy she went to school with (sound like me and Big D?). She and her fiance own a lake home that they are literally digging in the trenches to make the lake house their new home. It has been a fun process to watch. But all work and no fun would make J a dull girl, and this girl knows how to have fun, with a little help from her friends. Her only drawback, her forgetfulness to wear sunscreen and one piece bathing suits. Though I think I cured her of that with my analagy of a sausage casing. She has fun and enjoys life. This is why I love her.

My Blog is More Boring than Yours (Dullbert)-Ahhh, Dullbert. What can I say? Dullbert is where I go to for my daily laugh. His profile reads, "I'm not as intelligent as my photo would lead you to believe, but I was named valedictorian of my summer school class." His dry witted banter and outlook on things always gives me a chuckle. Dullbert and I share a love of old school rock and roll. Well, to a point-we disagree when the subject turns to the band Rush. But I overlook his downfall and am happy to call him one of my Bff blogging buddies. Dullbert has mastered the ability to make anyone laugh, I cannot think of a better gift to have. Just dont serve him small finger sandwiches or turn his amp down to anything below 10-he gets mad.

My Good Cents -My blogger fran, Yarn Whore, turned me onto this site. And as a wife of a BIG TIME tight wad, it is a blog that I fully take advantage of. Just by visiting this blog, in a matter of weeks I have saved a good bit of $$ as well as gotten some great freebies: Gillette Body Wash, Nature Made Vitamins, Huggies Pullups (nieces and nephews come to visit), Mighty Dog Food, Free golf balls, Niva body lotion, free bag of Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice Cajun Flavor, Pantene shampoo, Under Jams, Ful size bags of dog food, Koolaid single serves, Lubriderm lotion, and Country Bobs BBQ sauce-all of this free in about 2 weeks, just by reading this blog. Yes. Free. Her blog started out as just a way to share freebies she found with her mother. Then she noticed the amount of people that were viewing the site so she expanded it with good deals and ways to make a little extra money and whatever else she find's that might help save some cash. It has also turned into simply a random thought, living frugal, and very light version personal finance blog. And did I mention, there is free stuff!

No Sleep in Helena -Do you recognize him? Hewy is my oldest blogger fran, not in the age of numbers but he was the very first poster on my blog. And I, the newbie that I was, could NOT figure out for the life of me how he knew that my blog was "here". I have learned a little bit more since then Hewy-a little. Hewy is a mystical and illusive creature, one that hides his true identity. I think it has something to do with his post about his experience with cialis (read cialis sucks and Italian suits for a laugh). Oh, that was a funny post! I was a bit offended that he didn't speak when he saw me out one time. I got over it though. To each his own. I once said that Hewy's blog is the first blog that I go to daily (Dullbert, it's a toss up between you and him, so don't get your panties in a wad). Hewy's blog is informative on all things that are going on in the area. I think of him as my little personal secretary that I check in with (his blog) and plan my day accordingly. And he always has fun little things going on, games, real life treasure hunts. He and I share a mutual love for our community-and of course "A Christmas Story". He also has something in common with Big Daddy-World of Warcraft. Goes to show, not everyone is perfect. But Hewy is pretty close. He's a cool cat-he and Dullbert both.

Tune in next week to allow me to introduce you to some more of my "frans" from Bloggeritaville. Next week, I will have much to say (smile). Until then, go forth and visit some new blogs, make some new frans, and tell them that Leigh sent ya! But always remember to come back here and pay a visit. You know, I run my thoughts off each day and I always enjoy knowing you dropped in on the lunacy in my world.


PAT said...

I've just had the best time catching up with you this morning Leigh!

Great posts, all!

HEWY said...

Thanks Leigh! You are an awesome Frans too!

Amy said...

Thanks so much for including me with these other awesome bloggers! Now I feel very cool.

Dullbert said...

Thanks Leigh .. and don't worry I usually go to Hewy's place first just to find out if we are under a nuclear attack. I think he would get the scoop before CNN. What I'm curious about is how did you know I wear panties ?

tricki_nicki said...

I love, LOVE, love your new header and title!! So cute.

And are you for real a roller derby girl? Oh my goodness, I'd join your team in an INSTANT!!

Leigh said...

Pat- So glad. You come over anytime!

Hewy-Thanks Hew!

Amy-You're in good company.

Dullbert-True. He'd be the one to know.Regarding panties- I had a hunch. And once again, you always leave me laughing!~

Trickie-Oh, I kid you not:
Where's yer wheels? Girl! Lets go! Search derby on my blog see how many post you come up with. Sad. I have made a promise to myself to go and practise with the team, they invited! I was honored and thrilled.

ThursdayNext said...

Thanks for the links, Leigh! :)

Charnita's Xpressions said...

Thank you for introducing me to yet more blogs to take up my time.....
after all it is you fault I am such an obsessive blogger anyhow.

jennifer said...

Dullbert just ROCKS. He makes me happy quicker than any Blogger out there. I read his titles and snort immediately.

Hewy's thumbnail makes me giggle and I love hearing from him too! I would love to see who the real Hewy is. So YOU know Leigh? A real mystery.


Leigh said...

Thursday Next-you bet!

Charnita- is there a 12 step program? B/c I too need it.

Jen-Dullbert does ROCK, no, RAWK! Perhaps we need to start a Dullbert fan club? No, Hewy is still playing coy, cant figure him out...I am so glad you are back! Girl, I missed ya! Hope you had fun!

jennifer said...

Would you mind if I copy your idea for meet my frans? I think this was a really great idea and I would LOVE to shine the spotlight on some of you guys. Let me know, OK?


Leigh said...

Jen-Heck no! Go for it! I cannot wait to meet your Frans! Oh-and I added myself a skywatch. Will post on yours too.

Kimberly said...

Thanks for including me in your frans list ! Love your blog... so fun!

BTW : I read this the other day and I swear I commented but apparently not, lol ... must have just been in my head :) ...

BTW2 : A Christmas Story is one of my favorite all time movies!

"J" said...

I love it! What a GREAT post! You are SUCH a GREAT fran! =) I also LOVE the pic you used for me! People prob think I'm a LIL CRAZY! =) Oh well, I can't help just being me!


I have soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much BLOG reading to do! I also still need to post all the pics and our fun days! I will say that the TEXAS HEAT was way to much for the OHIO family!

I missed you so much!!!!!!!!!