Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mother's Garden

Last week, I took you all through a walk in my garden. It was alot of fun having so many join the garden party. When I was at my mother's house on Tuesday, I was thinking how beautiful her garden is looking. Here is a peek through her Garden gate (beauty and a surprise):

Pink Hydrangeas, both gifts from Aunt Wanda


Impatiens, Butterfly bush and and Lantana

The entrance to my parents door.

Elephant Ears

Creeping Jenny in a big pot (with the red plant from my garden)

A mixture of perennials

Next door at Tom & Jerrys:

Isn't this pot beautiful!

And look here at this little guy that was hiding under a beautiful bush that my cousin GOG gave to my mom. He certainly has a smile on his face!

I think he likes living here. I don't blame him.


Lindsey said...

These flower posts are heaven to me! I am thoroughly enjoyed them:)

Leigh said...

I am so glad you enjoyed it Lindsey! Hey, I am going to ALabaster Thrift Store. I will put in the comment on that post too.

"J" said...

Pretty pictires! =)

About the last pic...
It brings up last night....
Mr. "S" and I drove out to dads to drop off a yellow lab pup that I got him (FOR FREE)! Any was fixing his little house and I was sitting on the grass playing with him (actually watching him sleep)! Dad walked over to go into the shed and jumped up about 2 feet, took a hop and then a skip to say snake! It was a 1 1/2 foot copperhead! Yikes! Just to think I was sitting about 10 feet away from this critter! YIKES! My mom said if she would have been out there she would have pissed her pants! lol =) I can't wait to post about the puppy! Dad is going to come up to the lake this weekend and he is going to bring him! I get to doggy sit while the boys work! I love dogs!

More about this type snake: