Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Have you Met My "Frans"?

I have added some new names to my list of distractions on my sidebar. I was going to introduce them to all of you and then thought, I haven't introduced you all to any of my friends over there personally. So, each week, I will take a handful and tell you a bit about them. I plan to share about their blog and if I can recall or it is pertinent, how I "met them" in blogland.
And so, let me introduce you to a few of my "frans"....

Rhoda's Southern Hospitality -Rhoda is one of the newest to my list of distractions. Actually, Rhoda contacted me after reading a comment on Nester's Blog. She was such a sweetheart, offering her help to something I am in great need of-a decorator. Rhoda is new to Birmingham, from Atlanta. She has a design business in town that I am going to try out if my brother's mother in law doesn't come through (she too is a designer). Rhoda has a true gift, she knows just how to put something somewhere to make it look perfect. She has some great ideas and she is a thrifty one as well. Don't for a minute think that designers insist on all upper end items and turn noses up to any less. Rhoda's blog can show you how to make magic with your garage sale finds. Like me, Rhoda also has a passion for the shore and will take you on a virtual trip through many of her pages. Rhoda's blog is where you can find southern hospitality indeed.

SnapShots From the Backporch- This is one of my newest blog finds. This is my new fran, Pat. She's a wife, mother, grandmother and incredible photographer/hobbyist. She and her husband J live in a small Missouri town, just outside St Louis. She actually has two blogs, besides Snapshots she also has Back Porch Musings. Snapshots, is just that, a look at her world through her camera lens. And it is a beautiful world. It certainly gives me inspiration. In Musings, she has much to chat about, like her latest decorating project.

Sweet Caroline-I cannot think of this blogger without the Neil Diamond tune playing in my head. Caroline's blog is actually called "A Tree in the Forest" and there she documents the adventures of life (through pictures) with her adorable daughter D. Caroline is also a big Red Socks fan. Ok, Huge fan! She has met up with Steven Tyler of Aerosmith on occasion, It seems that they frequent the same events.

The Abundant Lakeridge Life -I have known Deedra for almost as long as I have been in Helena. Her son and my son were on more than one baseball team together over the years. Deedra is one of these soft spoken just genuinely kind spirits (a soft spoken spirit with a cute do!) That is evident in her blog. In her blog she records such things as her weight loss journey (she was picked to compete in this years Helena weight loss competition)and her love of all things sewing, how to recommission a table that was ready to be tossed out, as well as the day to day life with her lovely family.

The Nesting Place -I admit. I am a Nester stalker. Nester is someone I would love to be, although that will never happen. I try and I will continue to be a wanna be until the day I no longer blog. Nester's blog is chopped full of ways to make decorating simple. She has suggestions and ideas for all of us that are wanna be's....shortcuts! Now that is something to love. She is the queen of mistreatment. Her motto is "decorating doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful". She would have a field day at my home. In fact, I did commission her help through emails one day when I was close to pulling out my hair with furniture arrangement. She gave me some great suggestions, none of which I have yet to do. I need someone to hold my hand, Nester, to physically show me. But in the meantime, I will continue to visit, draw inspiration and one day when I get bold enough, I am going to move my furniture, all in the name of Nester.

The Roaming Southerner -I cannot recall how the roamer found me, but she did and I thank my lucky stars. Our mutual blog infatuation began last fall when I was going on and on at my love and admiration for Loretta Lynn. Well, it seems that the southerner felt sorry for me. She worked her photoshop magic and presto, I became Loretta Leigh. It was a day that will forever live on in my memory-as well as the photo on my sidebar. She also assisted with great contributions towards my hairapy post. Good Times, indeed. Currently, I have asked for help with a little project that I am working on for fellow blogger Jessica. So, as you can see, The Roaming Southerner is a friend of mine. She is always there when I need her. She hasn't cut me off yet and for that I am eternally grateful. And Funny! Lawd, child, she is funny! Visit her blog, and you will see that she is all about that, roaming around to bring bloggers together, extending the blog community. Who couldn't love someone that continually spreads blogger love? Gotta Love a Roaming Southener.

Tune in next week to allow me to introduce you to some more of my "frans" from Bloggeritaville. Next week, I will have much to say (smile). Until then, go forth and visit some new blogs, make some new frans, and tell them that Leigh sent ya! But always remember to come back here and pay a visit. You know, I run my thoughts off each day and I always enjoy knowing you dropped in on the lunacy in my world.


Caroline said...

I love your new fun blog name/design Leigh (I'll have to update your link with it :) And I know I won't be able to get Jimmy Buffet's song out of my head now when I visit lol. Thanks!

The Nester said...

What an honor to be listed with such fantastic blogs! And aren't you the luckiest girl ever to live so close to Rhoda! I adore her blog and wish that she could come to my house and shake things up!

Now, I've got to go check out those other ladies!

Heart you!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hey, Leigh, cute new header! It looks like you (from what I know of you!).

Thanks for the introduction. Looking forward to meeting more of your frans too. I already know Pat & Nester, but the others are new to me.

Have a great week!

Keetha said...

I LOVE that you are doing this. It makes the list so much more personal!!!!

Mrs. Jules said...

Thanks for the recommendations, Leigh. I look forward to visiting them. I've visited some of these beautiful blogs in the past and have found them to be so uniquely gifted.

You'll have a blast when it's time to revamp those interiors, too...happy decorating!

jennifer said...

Like what you had to say about your Frans! I am going to slip over and visit them now. I'll be back!


The Roaming Southerner said...

Oh you are so sweet...you know I love you more than my match luggage!

And I love the new header! Totally awesome!