Friday, February 1, 2008

(I wish I were) born a Coalminer's Daughter

.............................................................Have mercy, Yall! My day has been made. The Roaming Southerner had a little fun with me over at her blog. She read of my great admiration for Loretta Lynn. She too has a fondness for the coalminer's daughter. The Southerner worked some of her magic mojo and paid me a huge compliment by allowing me to (sort of) step into Loretta's shoes for a while. She made ME into Loretta! This has made my entire weekend. Don't think for a minute that I haven't already printed this out and taped it to my refrigerator door (Where I will undoubtably see it alot!). Thank you, Southern Lady!
You can now all refer to me as Loretta Leigh, Honkey Tonk Girl! (LOL)


Lulu said...

Hehehohohaha! That is so cute!

And I so love the movie, BTW. One of my favorite scenes is when she won't come out of the hotel room the morning after she and Dew were married. It's so funny!

my wonderful men... said...

This is really neat! You look great in the picture on the step.

The Roaming Southerner said...

Yeah! Glad you enjoyed it! I seriously am loving up the photoshop...there needs to be some sort of medication to get me off of this addiction...a photoshop patch...maybe I'll make one of photoshop (seriously, this is out of hand). Thanks for humoring my silliness.

This Military Mama said...

that's cool! The new Lorette Leigh is awesome!

By the way, thanks for letting me know the clip wasn't working. I put a new one in and it works now. Feel free to check it out!

Leigh said...

Lulu, my fav. scene is when "Lorettie" has made it big and Dew wants to build a house and they are arguing about which side to put the bedroom. I like when she says, "Dew! Ya sound like an ole bear a growlin!". I also like it when she finds out she is preg with her first baby. Dew says, "What's wrong darlin? You sick er somthing?" She answers, "Yeah, I'm sick. Im gonna have a baaaaby!"
Wonderful Men-Thanks I love this!
Roaming-you have made my day! Ok, next I want to look like Stevie Nicks (my other idealic woman!) Stevie and Loretta are quite quite possibly the coolest women.
Military Mama-sure. I am headed over there now to look!

Maebelle Park said...

Oh my goodness this is hysterical....ha haaaaaaaaaaaaa! how cool!