Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Have you Ever in Your Life.....

This meme came by way of Dust Bunny Hostage.....

  1. Gone on a blind date? Yes. It was back in the days of high school. I had this one friend that would routinely take advantage of our friendship. She wanted to go to a dance with this guy. And that guy had a friend. I guess you can imagine what came next. She arranged for me to go with the friend and told me after the fact that I would be going with this guy. Someone I had never laid eyes on. I was so mad. I did not want to go AT ALL. But I did, for my friend. I felt so uncomfortable the entire time.

  2. Skipped school? Yes, many times. Caught once. Spent a day in detention hall with my pet squirrel. Yes, he was real. I passed him around to all the other law breakers to pass time. All this under the assistant principals nose and to this day he doesn't know. (He's a friend)

  3. Watched someone die? Yes, many older relatives, though none of which I was there at the actual moment that they passed.

  4. Been to Canada? To the border. I lived close by. I am not sure if we crossed. I was in first grade.

  5. Been to Mexico? Yes, see the pics on my sidebar?

  6. Been to Florida? Of course. Check vacations on the sidebar.

  7. Have you ever been on a plane? Yes. A few times. Hate it. Would rather drive. I am afrad of heights, not to mention the time that one plane I was on, a man got up three times and attempted to open the door while in flight!! This was shortly after 9-11. I was terrified.

  8. Been lost? Yes, but now I am FOUND. (in all actuality I am very good with directions, just not street names)

  9. Been on the opposite side of the country? Yes, as far Oregon/Washington. I lived there for a year.

  10. Gone to Washington, DC? Yes. Interesting place.

  11. Swam in the ocean? HELLO! Do you read my blog? Of course. One of my favorite pastimes and present times for that matter.

  12. Had your booze taken away by the cops? Hmmm. I've been with someone who did. I was the designated driver. We were all in high school. My parents got a call in the middle of the night to tell them to come and pick me up at the station. They thought I was in bed. It was a long ride home, to say the least. I had tried to keep folks out of trouble......but I ended up being the one in it.

  13. Lettered in a high school sport? in what? Nooooo. No sports for me. I wasn't confident enough for that.

  14. Cried yourself to sleep? Sure.

  15. Played cops and robbers? Of my gosh yes! I LOVED to do this. I recall me, Brad Hefner, Adam Kilgore, Brad Hardy, John Loar, and who knows who else in a great battle. We put picnic tables on their sides for barriers and shot out pecan granades at our enemies.

  16. Played dolls? Yes. Mostly Barbie.

  17. Recently colored with crayons? Yes.

  18. Sang Karaoke? Smile. What do you think? .

  19. Paid for a meal with coins only? Yes. My husband is a tightwad. I do what I have to.

  20. Done something you told yourself you wouldn't? see my post regarding Fat Bottom Girls.

  21. Cheated on an exam? I recall copying homework if I didn't have it but never on a test. I was to afraid I would get caught. My grades proved it. I probably should have. Or at least studied more. Studing never came easy to me. Honestly, I think I was/am ADD.

  22. Made prank phone calls? Yes. That is a lost art. Interrupted by advanced technology. Today's generation will never know the thrill of calling a cute boy to hear his voice and then hang up. Today-busted.

  23. Laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose? Weekly, pretty much. Happens anytime I am with my girlfriends.

  24. Caught a snowflake on your tongue? Yes.

  25. Danced in the rain? I have danced and will dance anywhere! Ask my kids.

  26. Written a letter to Santa Claus? No. But mailed one my kids wrote.

  27. Been kissed under the mistletoe? sniff, sniff, no. But then again, I find that forced and predictably "dumb", so not me. Did I say cheesy? JMHO. Sorry.

  28. Watched the sunrise with someone you care about? Yes.

  29. How about Sunsets? Yes. Many of those.

  30. Been arrested? No. not arrested, but see # 12

  31. Gone ice-skating? Yes. Love it.

  32. Been skinny dipping outdoors? No way. Extremely self conscious of my body, back when and now.

  33. Had a nickname? Yes. Jeff Rickles used to call me Shortcake. That was the first one. Some others I have had, "Sambo", "Babe", "BoHo/Bohemian", "Chump" & "The Germ".....

  34. Been to Africa? No, but I had a great idea for a project to give back to others. I felt very passionate about it, to the point of tears and approached Big Daddy with the idea. I think he thought I had flipped my lid. I would still love to do it though.

  35. Eaten cookies for dinner? This week. Not often because I am not a cookie or sweets person, but for the family reunion my mom made Tea Cake Cookies. They aren't sweet. I had 2 with a glass of mint lemonade for supper.

  36. Been on TV? Yes. My cousin works for a local tv station. My family is her go to people whenever she needs a fresh face for a promo.

  37. Stolen any traffic signs? No. But my childhood BFF Greg stole one and surprised me. I liked the song, Wildflower by the Cult and he stole the street sign and put it in my driveway when we were teens. That's a fran, people.

  38. Been in a car accident? Yes. One. I cried, it freaked me out.

  39. What is your mother's name? Sharon

  40. Favorite drink? water, sweet tea (with mint) or lemonade

  41. Favorite alcohol? pina coladas and mojitos

  42. Birthplace? The Ham, Alabama

  43. Favorite vacation spot? some beach, somewhere. See my vacation list

  44. Favorite salad dressing? homemade vinaigrette

  45. Favorite pie? Key Lime, hands down.

  46. Favorite number? 7, 13 or 33. I have no reason....except #33. Good reasoning. See Bible. I find it lucky.

  47. Favorite Movie? see my profile.

  48. Favorite holiday? Christmas & Thanksgiving

  49. Favorite food? Yes. Mom's or southern cooking, also love Japanese, Italian, Mediterranean, Greek and Mexican. Did I cover it all?

  50. Favorite day of the week? Saturday.

  51. Favorite body wash? do not care so long as it smells good.

  52. Favorite toothpaste? Aquafresh whitening in the tube, less messy.

  53. Favorite smell? the ocean, fresh cut grass, rain, fall bonfire, bread baking, washed baby

  54. Do you have any tattoos? no

  55. Body piercings? ears double pierced. But I am going to tell you the nose ring story. Its a good one. It's coming tomorrow.

  56. Do you drive a 2-door or 4-door vehicle? 4 door..... why is that an interesting question?

  57. What do you do to relax? relax with family, post, read post, email, dance, sing, photography

  58. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Not much change, although we will have all kids graduated from high school. Big D will be retiring seven years and counting (from the ten). Hopefully we will own a place at the beach.


Keetha said...

I'm going to post this meme (edited version) on my blog.


Keetha said...


I only answered 14 of the questions, but my post is still oh - - - like TWICE as long as yours - - - guess who has a BIG MOUTH!!!

Snark Meister said...

Nice one! I posted mine on my blog.

jennifer said...

Hah! You Kareoke? NO! I don't believe it....

Great answers all. I hope you have your beach house in ten years!