Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dancing, Whitening and Posing.

Yesterday Sledge was back at it in her dance class. There we met The Sanchez'zzzz and Vi and her hubs and son. Once again, each of the children did a great job dancing and paying attention. I am impressed at how quickly they are progressing.

This is their second class. Sledge has never taken this form of dance before. In fact the only dance she has taken has been associated with her cheer leading squad. Jackie, the instructor (Fabian's gorgeous wife), is doing a great job in teaching them. Truly, Fred Astaire Studio rocks.

Brothers Sanchez

Sledge and a dance partner
Does anyone remember Pinky Leigh? Well, that was exactly what came to mind when I saw Zinnia's sis Vi at the studio.

She did it. True. She is younger. I don't think I could pull it off. But then again, look at Cyndi Lauper. She did. Bama would so kill me. Vi looks great!

After the class Princess Warrior and I took the kids to La Fiesta for lunch. Really, that place is the best Mexican to me. I love their rice. Zinnia said that she can make better. I took her to her remark, and she is supposed to send me the recipe. I will post when I get it. I have always wanted to know how to make authentic Mexican/Spanish rice. I have played with it and come up a failure each time. I thought maybe it was my bloodline. Zinnia has the bloodline-and the secret. Or so she claims......Hmmmm?

After lunch I dropped into Dr. Denny's Orthodontics office. I saw her recently at the Buck Creek Festival. Apparently we entered a into a contest at her booth. I have no recollection-but then again I cannot remember my grocery list. I know we stopped by and both Sledge and Smooth had their bites evaluated (save your money Big Daddy!). I think if you had that done you were entered. I told the receptionist at her office that we had gotten a voice mail saying that we had won something. And just guess what it is......

Crest Whitestrips Professional Whitening System. I have been begging Big Daddy to get this for me for some occasion. To which he says, "You don't need it. That's a waste of money. Everything is a waste of money to him though. I was so happy that we won.

Actually I had bought another over the counter kit in the past. It was the one that the strip dissolve in your mouth. And while they seem to work ok, I hate to feel as though I am foaming at the mouth like a rabid animal. And that is exactly how I feel when I use them. Last night I did my first treatment with this kit and no excessive salivation. These were through away strips. I kept them in 30 minutes. I took a close up before whitening pic so in a month or so I will take an after and post the comparison. Lookie here, we have our own little Good Housekeeping study. How fun! Be certain, I will give you the results and pros and cons.

When I got home I also found out that I won a new magazine from Casa de Jules. It's called Life:Beautiful. It's a contemporary Christian lifestyle publication that showcases cooking, decorating, parenting stories, and much more. Ms. Jules said that it's " a remarkable piece of work. I haven't seen anything like it." I cannot wait to pour through the pages. I love a good magazine. And how about one that can give me such a wealth of inspiration on so many levels! Cool.

(Photo by Ms. Jules)

A bit of a tear today. Bama went in to have his senior picture for the yearbook taken. Tell me, where did the years go? I am going to do a little portrait thing with him and a few of his friends very soon. Also Corey and Erin Nolen are going to do a few of him individually for his senior pics. He was miffed at me for not doing them myself. But if Corey and Erin tell him what to do he will do it, where if I took them I would get unwanted feedback. I trust Corey and Erin too. They are so creative in their portraits. I have recommended them for a handfull of weddings in the past 6 months and ALL of the portraits have all come out phenomenal. (I do not do weddings. To much of a hassle.) I want them to do my family portraits.

Well, it is time I dance my way onto some other blogs for some reading with real content....Enjoyed chatting.


Maebelle Park said...

Looks like you and I are facing the same things...our little boys are growing up...I've had a few tears this week myself. I am asking the same question, where did the time go? I have finally updated my blog, read it, you will see what I mean....I've missed ya!

Keetha said...

Oh that I would have been allowed to have dance lessons when I was little - - - maybe I'd have some GRACE and POISE today. But alas, in my little preacher daddy's home dancing was on the taboo list, and now I am void of all rhythm.

Our church just had it's quadrennial General Conference this week and they took that whole (nonsensical if you ask me) dancing rule out - - - a little late for MY rhythm nurturing!!! Hehehehehehehe They did, however, elect a FEMALE "pope" - - - well, we don't call ours a pope, we call ours "General Superintendents" and yes siree bob - - - we elected our first FEMALE one.

Snark Meister said... senior pictures were over 3 years ago...eesh. The one that ended up in the yearbook was me in a dress....and if one knows me for more than a few hours, you learn that I HATE dresses with a purple passion. The one that we picked to send to friends and family is much more "me". I have it on my profile.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear about those strips!

PAT said...

Hello Leigh

I'm having fun catching up with you this morning. Just look at all the great posts! WOW!

I bought a whitening kit from my dentist about 10 years ago. It's been great with just a little maintenence to keep my teeth sparkly. My teeth were sensitive at first. Now, if I want to perk them up a bit, I just get a tube from the dentist and use it about a week. For the most part after the first whitening regimen, the cleaning every 6 months does the trick to keep them lookin' good! It really makes a girl feel good when she has a sparkly smile.;-)

I enjoyed the dance photos, so much. My 2 year old grandson, Drew, seriously needs ball room dancing lessons. I'm trying to convince his parents. He's a natural!

Have a great weekend!

"J" said...

You have to post about the white kit! I sooooooooooooooooooo want one! I've been telling myself what BIg Daddy tells you! HA! =)

Sledge is doing such a GREAT GREAT GREAT job at dancing! They look GREAT together! =)

You so ROCK as a mom!

Mrs. Jules said...

I'm so excited for Sledge! Wish they taught over here!

Leigh said...

Maebelle-I am headed over to your place now.

Keetha-That is very interesting. Ya know, I think you could dance well. The kids today really do not dance so if you did your thing no one would know the difference...

Snark-I would chose what you like because you know it will be hanging in mommas hallway for years to come.

Drama-oh, you will.

Pat-IU dont know what it is but after you leave the hairdresser or dentist after having my teeth cleaned, I feel so good. It really perks the ole attitude right up.
Get him into lessons! You have a good one too.

J-I will. And the price isnt that bad. To me it is worth it if it works. I will tell Sledge your compliment. Thank you and thanks for mine too. (Smile)

Mrs Jules- Arent you a Cali girl? I know several of the dancing with the stars dancers have studios your way. I dont know how lcoseby to you though. I am sure Max's is a good one!

Leigh said...

Keetha- I just had a total Footloose flashback after reading your comment.

Snark Meister said...

Not to mention both of me sets of grandparents' halls as well!