Monday, May 12, 2008

Saturday on Buck Creek

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I did. It was busy, but fun filled. On Friday night my friend Kym called me to tell me that she had gotten engaged!! I have posted on Kym before, in a song that I wrote. I am really happy for her and glad that she seems to finally been dealt a nice card for a change in Rick. We, by that I mean "the girlfriend gang", are all looking forward to a future wedding and we have all offered to do what we can to see it happen. Flo has offered her home as a wedding location and I told Kym to consider my photography services as a wedding gift. I would be honored to capture those moments. It will give us much to talk about when we head down to the beach for a girls getaway long weekend later this week. It cannot come soon enough. Congratulations Kym and Rick!! On Saturday morning the circus and I headed down to the Buck Creek Festival. I have lived in Helena for 9 years and had yet to attended. Every single year something came up. But this year, I got lucky! What a fabulous day! While the weather was very humid and the rain did hold out until around midnight Sunday morning, long after the festival wrapped-unlike last year, it was enjoyable. As we headed to the entrance of the festival I was stopped by the sweetest lady, Laura Lynn Love, who introduced herself and her mother to me. Laura and her mother run Loading Docks South in Helena. I told Laura that I am going to HAVE to make it down to Loading Dock South to look around. It's one of the many things I think to myself as I drive through old town running errands, "when I have time I am going to go by there". I think that is the mentality of allot of people in Helena. While people don't mean any wrong in it, it is probably one reason why so many businesses in Helena close. We need to support our own! I am definitely going to swing by real soon and am ashamed I haven't yet. Loading Docks South sells home and building closeouts. If you plan to stop by, do check their web site for store hours. Hewy, she did mention the Waffle House rug. I agree that it would've made a good piece of dinner table conversation for guest to your home. I love a surprise element in a room and that certinaly would've been one!
After I said good bye to the sweet "dock" ladies we went on inside the festival. We arrived in time for the kids and Big Daddy to get a bite to eat. I took the opportunity to hunt down Kym to congratulate her in person. She was beaming almost as much as the new diamond on her finger.
Soon enough, the circus found me and we went and copped a squat in front of the stage awaiting Act of Congress. I did get to listen briefly to the band that preceded AOC, they were called Infinite Youth. I was very impressed at these two young boys rocking it up there with no inhibitions. They had a great sound reminiscent of some hair bands of my hey day. They have a new CD out. To hear some of their music, check out their web site.

11:00AM! Time for Act of Congress to take the Stage. I told Chris (the guitarist) that AOC was my main reason for coming. I am always interested in checking out new bands, but as mentioned many times before, I love AOC. I first heard them when I was on a job to write a music review for a local newspaper, I walked away a fan of their music. I love what they do, the unique sound that they have, it just leaves you with a happy outlook on the day. I did get a brief video of them live at the festival that I will post. They also have a new CD coming out in June. Currently they are selling their demo CD for 5 bucks (a bargain!). You can check out their web site as well for song demos and to purchase CD's.

After AOC we decided to muddle around and check out the local vendors at the festival. I must say, I love that part. When I was helping to orchestrate Kid Fest for WHIM, I loved meeting the vendors and checking out what they had brought with them. I loved getting to know different people. It took me back and made me realize, I am an idiot for not being involved in this festival. (actually I did send an email early in the year but didn't get a follow up email on what I could do to help). I am vowing here, that next year I will do my part. As a volunteer, you just get so much out of it and it is really great to give back and to be involved in your community. It's something that I preach constantly to my kids. If we as parents do not live by example then we really have no right to moan when our children become lazy, uninvolved and careless of situations in their world.

The Buck Creek Festival vendor row had something for everyone, from live animals (I am proud to say that I did not come home with a turtle, lizard, dog or the such! Hurray!) to demonstrations to arts and crafts. I finally got to meet the talented Paul Samsom in person. He is the gifted photographer that I mentioned here some months ago. I had emailed Paul regarding a few photos that I was interested in. He was ever so gracious in offering information that some photographers may not be as forthcoming to another photographer about, such a locations, and even suggested who to should talk to about getting my own photography put up in some places etc. Big Daddy bought me a piece from hPaul's collection at the festival, it was my "Mother's Day gift". I will certainly treasure it. It is a picture of Old Town Helena from long ago. I love it because old town Helena today still looks very much the same. If you aren't familiar with Paul and his award winning photography, I recommend stopping by his web site. I already have a wish list for my husband for any future purchases he might decide I am worthy of.
There was much to do at the festival, beside eating, checking out bands (that in itself is enough) but with the many vendors, demonstrations, a kids area with inflatable rides and activities and even a war reenactment that the kids really enjoyed.

I also ran into Tom Lefebvre. If you don't live in Helena, Tom was a recent member of the city council, though he recently announced his intent to keep his position. Tom and I began talking about the city of Helena's history. I mentioned to him something that I have mentioned before to "Major Dundee", that the city really should have a historical society. Tom said that there is a non official one, though I think there needs to be one of an official nature to receive funding to preserve/restore what we do have. For example the coke ovens that sit on the banks of the Cahaba River. I am looking forward to a future walk with Tom and co. to show me the locations. I have known that they were back there, but have been to chicken to go out and explore on my own and of course I wouldn't know the great stories that I anticipate I will hear.

We met up with our friends the Young's (with boyfriends in tow) shortly before we we left the festival. Actually they were coming as we were going. We were in a hurry to leave because they were to come over to our house later that day to grill out-3:30. They did and it capped off a most lovely (humid) day.
See more pictures from Buck Creek and Grilling on my slide show. I already have next years Buck Creek Festival on my calendar. I cannot wait! I must say to all that were a part of putting on this years festival (from someone who knows firsthand the dedication, long hours and hard work it takes to do it) GREAT JOB! Your hard work was evident in how smoothly everything ran. Congratulations to you all and thank you for your efforts. A good time was had by all!


MissBossyPants said...

BCF was tons of fun! And Paul does some beautiful work. I have one of his Cahaba Lily photos in my living room and need to get some more. I want to have a bigger part in the festival next year provided we don't have fifty thousand end of the year things going on.

Abbey said...

Shameless Plug: For specialty wedding gifts, choose 2LadyBugs! You can email me, Leigh, if anyone is interested! Did you stop by her booth, BTW?