Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Weekend

I hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day weekend. For Memorial Day Big Daddy drove the circus over to Tuscaloosa to my brother in laws. He and his wife grilled out and invited a couple of his coworkers over. One of his coworkers had just returned from serving in Afghanistan. He said that he is completely done with all duty now. The kids played in the kiddie pool and seemed to be having alot of fun. It was a good meal that my brother in law and sister in law fed us and we enjoyed the company.

On Sunday I somehow suckered Big Daddy and Bama into helping me paint my den. What I thought would take a couple hours took 7 hours. Yes. Seven. It was tedious. The paint went on the walls quickly, but the crown molding and baseboards were very time consuming. I announced to Big Daddy that this summer we were going to "reclaim our house" room by room and paint and work on each one. If looks could kill.... But I do think he is in on the plan, be it unwittingly or not. Time will tell. We are still trying to recoup from the den. Now I hope to get one of my home decorating friends to come over and tell me where to put my stuff. I also commissioned the advice of Nester, who has such a gift of decorating-and making it look so simple. She leaves me with such inspiration. Her motto, "It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful"-see why I love her? Poo on you Martha Stewart. I always thought she would think she was to good for me anyway.

On Saturday I hit a few garage sales. I began at my brother and sister in laws who were having one. I ended up buying a tie for 50 cents, my mom had given it to my brother for Christmas. LOL! I knew Bama would like it.

From there we went to a few other sales. At one I got this basket for $3.00. I am going to use it in J Smooth's bedroom.

At another I got this antique Mexican chair with original real leather for the unbelievable price of $5.00! Don't be to quick to laugh. With some TLC it has potential. It is going to go somewhere-undecided as yet. (perhaps my deck when we have it screened in)

At yet another sale I found these two wire hanging vases for $5.00 each. I am going to give them to my sister in law's mother who is a designer. I know for certain that she can work her magic and make them spectacular. I am thinking something with brown feathers....

Finally, at the last sale I went to I came upon a Clinique and Lancome rep who sold to stores her products. She had a sample sale of all her unused products. You wouldn't believe all she had from cosmetic bags and packaged foundation sponges to makeup. If you wear foundation, you really are committed to your foundation. Mine happens to be Clinique. She didn't have my color in the clinque but found a match in Lancome. I bought 4 brand new bottles for $1.00 each. I only wish I had purchased more. I also got a full size bottle of the Estee Lauder fragranced lotion, "Beyond Paradise" for $2.50. It smells wonderful! And finally some brand new clinique lip gloss for $2.00.

I was very pleased at my haul. It was a productive weekend.


Michelle said...

I just KNEW when you painted that kitchen all pretty that you would look in the next room and redo that and so on and so on..lol I am dying to do something new to my house..No time or money..The LEAST we are going to do is paint the hallway to the boys rooms..If anyone comes over and goes to the bathroom there, I DEMAND that the hall light NOT be turned on..3 boys and all their friends equals NASTY WALLS!!

Lindsey said...

Yay for all your finds! I love a good bargain:)

jennifer said...

Oh COOL! Painting and Yard Sales. I am so JEALOUS of your weekend.

There is nothing that I love more than to see a room in my home newly painted. It is such fun to see how it transforms the look of the home.

Be blessed.


Welcome to Our Lives... said...

I'm so glad you had a great weekend. I love garage sales- it looks like you found some great deals!!

"J" said...

We need to see pics of the paint job!!! =)

That is a BIG to-do on our list!!! We need to patch some of the sheetrock and paint, paint, paint! We really won't have any trim work because we are going to get new crown molding and base boards!!! YIPPEE!!!

I love the basket you got and the chair! I can't wait to see what you do with the chair!!! You found some really good deals!!!

Leigh said...

Michelle- It is time to reclaim the home from the kids and clutter. I can sympathize with you. I have 2 boys (whose friends are over contantly) and a girl who likes dirt and bugs too. Plus the dog pound...such is the state of my house. But I am ready for a change!

Lindsey it makes me happy finding a deal.

Jennifer-I cannot beleive I talked him into doing it. The room looks so much better and cleaner without the marks on the walls. They seemed so dingy. I had the carpet cleaner here today-I am a happy woman!

J-Girl, you have been really Building a house, esentially. Mine stuff is childs play compared to the work you have going on. I dont envy you-but I will when it's done!It will all be worth it!

Trina said...

Oh course I remember the fellow Alabama native from Fashion Fiesta!

Thanks for stopping by again and for the nice comments :)

My necklace is from a line called Premier Designs that I sold for 4 years. I just recently retired from that so I would have more time with my family.

I took my $.97 shirt to the beach and never even wore it! I didn't wear half of what I packed LOL But it's super cute so I will be wearing it soon.

I was looking through all your pics on the side and you and your fam take lots of trips!!! I bet you guys have all kinds of fun. I was just telling my hubby yesterday we need to find more stuff to do this summer. Get out more. Maybe you can give me some pointers for stuff around our neck of the woods.

The Nester said...

talk about a major score at the yard sales!

love that you are reclaiming your home! I bet that makes your house just love you!

Drama Mama said...

Luv the basket-
It is truly amazing what you can find at g sales-

tricki_nicki said...

I can't believe you just decide to paint things and then do it. I need to be more like that! Otherwise, nothin' ever gets done!

Lulu said...

Wow...look at all of your fun stuff! I love the Mexican chair...

Um, now I'm off to find a post that relates to the DWTS picture that you have on the upper right corner of your blog...I just know there's a story.