Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What's in Your Car?

In the spirit of "What's in your car?" over at Rocks in my Dryer and Lindsey who brought it to my attention....

So? What's in Your Car/ For my brother in law, "the artist", it would be a better question to ask, "What's NOT in your car". Literally, a pack rat (gross), his back seat used to be filled to the ceiling with what not-and to scared to know. One year after Christmas we helped to pack his car and there in the trunk was a half eaten pizza in the pizza box, along with a birthday cake, also half eaten. "How long has that been there?" I asked him. "I dunno, just throw that stuff on top of it...". That is my brother in law. Though with the addition of two kids, he has cleaned up a little bit. You can at least see the kids in the backseat now.

Anyway-back to topic- because I know you are dying to know (and it is a slow post day for me...)Here's what you would find in my car....

Fortunately I cleaned mine out recently...but at this moment:

  1. Clothes for consignment (Hello Michelle and her fab store!)
  2. Tennis rackets 5 of them-one for each of the circus members. A family who plays together....
  3. Caprison drink boxes (we got to alot of sports stuff so I keep them in there)
  4. 6 pairs sunglasses (it is a weakness and I am very sensitive to light. I buy em cheap at Dollar General for 5-8 bucks and stash in the glove compartment)
  5. Chick fil a calendar (from my mother in law-it has coupons in it)
  6. Coupon book the school sold
  7. 3 CD cases (LOVE MUSIC and thanks again to "Tom Sawyer" for his contribution to the library)
  8. a box (to mail off eBay stuff)
  9. a box of Kleenex
  10. safety kit/first aide, maps, flashlight, hat and gloves
  11. dog eared brochure of 100 Places to Eat Before you Die
  12. Blankets-3 so there is no fighting. Good for car trips.

Play along? Post you are and I'll come and visit at your place-OR-leave your answers in the comments. Just don't tell me a body. I don't want to know...


Snark Meister said...

Posting mine on my blog.

Lindsey said...

Love it! Your car is SO much cleaner than mine. I found a Christmas present....for someone else:) I'm awful.

McMommy said...

Leigh, so funny! I did this post...I'll have to find the link to it. I think it's called: The McMinivan Revealed.

Then all my commenters said "you call THAT dirty?" which completely cursed me....because both my kids threw up in the minivan the next day. Just LOVELY!

Lisa said...

Your car sounds pretty clean to me :)

Let's see--we have three SIGG bottles with water (better than last summer--it was like 8 plastic water bottles rolling around)--the kids you see get THIRSTY all the time...a big ol' double stroller, three or four lip sticks, 10 pens, a couple Webkinz and oh, what's that? Oh my coffee cup from two days ago--ewwwwww...
Must clean the car!

Anonymous said...

Papers, papers and more papers- all for work and totally unorganized!
I pay ADHD to clean my car out each week- I have to or else I would have some serious rodents up in there- since I eat 3 meals a day on the road everyday!

jennyhope said...

I normally have mail, tons of praise and worship cds. Sermons on cd. Old french fries from Morgs eating in the car. Headache medicines. Strollers, umbrellas. What a fun post!

Leigh said...

good ones, Snark.

Lindsey-it will not last, that I am sure. I guess you can rewrap the Christmas gift and give to that person for their birthday?

McMommy-Ok, now I am worried I have jinxed myself.UGGG!

Lisa-Water is a good thing. I used to carry that with me and then we ran out. I need to restock. And ugg-the double stroller, I rememebr the days of lugging that heavy thing around. Bu tit is worth it.

Drama Mama-You sound like my mother in law about the papers. BUt ewww- I hope no rodents!

Jenny Hope-Good ones, Jenny.