Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It's that Time of Year....

Jason Powell of Petals from the Past sent the following message to me I thought I would pass along:

"Our blackberry fields will be open today, May27, for pick your own. Our berries are beginning to ripen, however if you come just to pick blackberries please call to determine availability. Within a week, our volume of fruit should be strong. We are pleased to inform our customers our opening price for u-pick or already picked fruit is $5.65 a pound, which is $.30 lower than last year. A pint weights ¾ pound and a quart 1 ½ pounds. Since we grow our own fruit you never pay sales tax. We have a small volume of Southern High Bush blueberries, which we are selling already picked, for $5.50 per pint. The main crop of blueberries should be ready in approximately 10 days."

Each year this is my favorite place to go to pick Blueberries and Blackberries. I plan to give it another week or so before I head down. In fact, the Black and Blue Berry Festival will take place on June 14th from 9am-5pm. It is one of the gardens biggest events of the year. You can join in on the fun by celebrating the black and blueberry harvests. There will be Blue Grass music, pony rides, a petting zoo, face painting and lots of delicious blackberry and blueberry desserts. Yum! Remember my fun from last year?

Petals from the Past
16034 County Road 29
Jemison, Alabama, 35085
205-646-0069 FAX 205-646-2626


Lindsey said...

I have heard wonderful things about Petals from the Past.....I have got to visit some time this summer.

For the Love... said...

My Mom just loves Jason and the entire Petals crew...

BTW we had some of the best stawberries this weekend from Durban farms in Clanton!

Leigh said...

Lindsey-you must! Teh best berries I have ever had!

FOr the Love-I love just hanging out there. It is so pretty. I recommend to anyone that goes, pack a picnic lunch and eat it under the willow tree by the pond, so nice!
I am so going to get me some of those strawberries. I have been getting mine at the grocery, but hand picked just off the vine as early as a day ago at Durbans-YUMMY!

Travis said...

That sounds terrific.