Tuesday, April 1, 2008

THIS JUST In!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Big Daddy just called and asked me if I had checked dialidol.com for bottom three result for tonight's DWTS show. "No". "Fabian in in the bottom three!", with voice getting more urgent as the sentence went on. Both Big Daddy and I feel strong that Fabian and Marlee will NOT go home tonight. BUT they HAVE TO HAVE the VOTEs to STAY in IT!! Let's assume it is incorrect.....but it does go to say, they must have your voted to remain.
Short of coming to your house and dialing your phone for you, I am begging you to put in the vote. Don't assume that it will be there. I myself have made that assumption in the best and been shocked (ex. Sabrina and Mark from last season on Dancing with the Stars). It takes all of five minutes or less of time to put in a phone call or to log in and vote.
After Big Daddy told me this, and it remains to be seen if it is true, I called several family members and friends and questioned if they were indeed voting or just "hoping". It became more of an ugly threatening situation, which I will refrain from discussing because it could hold up in court later, but lets just say, I think I got over many people's hinneys' today.
I am asking you to do the same, call your friends, call your family, ask your co workers to VOTE for Marlee and Fabian. Keep them on the Show! DO what you have to, beg, barter, threaten, wear t-shirts, put a sign on your car, hang a bedsheet out your window with Fabian's image....just stir the talk and VOTE!

It is up to you, dear brothers and sisters in blog land, We MUST ban together and ROCK the vote. We cannot assume. It's only makes an Ass of U and Me. Vote. Vote. Vote for the Mambo King. Vote for Fabian and Marlee on Dancing with the Stars!

Vote the Mambo King.

(This has been a special message brought to you by the Leigh/Vote for Fabian and Marlee Campaign)


Aunty Belle said...

Huh? Oh dear, reckon' I better tune in...
Jes' a fly by to say Howdy do!

Anonymous said...

you talk like a preacher. I think you missed yer true callin.

Leigh said...

Aunty Belle- do what you can (vote and tell others)or this whole thing could go to hell in a handbasket....

Bossy- LOL- I am glad you got the vibe I was going for (preacher/politian). But tis true. Spread the word among the land, every hilltop, every valley, VOTE (for Fabian).