Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Taking a Breath and Changing my Drawers

Great tarnation! Have mercy, ya'll!! I have already been to the bathroom a couple times. The suspense of tonight's Dancing with the Stars finals show had me in such knots. Big Daddy and I took a collective breath when it was down to four couples , two of which would be in the bottom, the other two safe. "Come on Fabian!" Big Daddy whispered with an urgency. "Marlee and Fabian, you are safe" announced Tom, the host. We both gasped, then we screamed. I called Freddy screaming, I know he wanted to KILL me for allowing him to come close to vomiting like I did. I later sent Fabian a text telling him that he owes me a pair of new "drawers", though actually it is those DIALIDOL folks. Although I still want you all to download the voting program if you haven't already.
Dialidol was completely off the mark. I hate looking at that thing at numbers. I chastised Big Daddy for calling me and sending me in an uproar, to which I called and traumatized Freddy with it (he hadn't heard or read it either). Big Daddy passed the buck said someone told him at work. I told Big Daddy to "take that guy out tomorrow", and I don't mean to lunch (KIDDING). "Van", I'd watch your drink tomorrow....you just might feel a bit of what I have felt tonight (smile). Big Daddy and "coworker Van", Don't even tell me to look at that thing again. It got me all in a dither. But the thought of the previous post, "This Just In!!!!!!" remains, DO NOT TAKE FOR GRANTED they are safe. VOTE and make it happen!!!!

Next week Fabian is promising something really special, that is so passionate, so moving, it "will leave you in tears". He and Marlee will be dancing the Veinnese Waltz. I can't wait!!
Missing from the show, which I thought would be in it, but I feel certain will be in an upcoming show, is Fabian and Marlee's trip to Mexico, where the maker of Marlee's hearing aides shuttled the two by private plane to hand out hearing aides to poor children with hearing disabilities. Freddy said that Fabian was so touched, "to see the looks of those children, able to hear for the first time was unforgettable". I am glad that they are able to use this experience to help others.
So....I am off to the bathroom again.....uggg!....thanks alot Van!

PS Steve Guttenburg was the one chosen off of Dancing with the Stars. He was so extremely gracious and kind in his goodbye. I can see why he is well loved. Good job, Guit!


Anonymous said...

I saw this on eBay and thought of you :) http://cgi.ebay.com/DANCING-WITH-THE-STARS-TWO-RARE-VIP-LIVE-STUDIO-TICKETS_W0QQitemZ260225136911QQihZ016QQcategoryZ16071QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

see you at dancing tomorrow night.

Leigh said...

oooohhhh! See you there (Ches? or Terry?) IN any case, I will be there ready to dance!