Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Dancing With the Stars 3-31

Forgive me Fabian for neglecting your performance last night. Which in all actuality you know Big Daddy and I were tuned in cheering you on and would never neglect you! What's crazy enough, is to have Big Daddy cheering for a dance competition outside our family ones. Er, correction, there is still that fascination that Big Daddy has of Tony's black see through shirt from week one. Now THAT is crazy!

Seen here:

See this photo above? I think that Big Daddy thinks the world is gonna look at him the way Marissa is looking at Tony in this pic. And they probably will, though in his warped mine he thinks that look is "Dang! Baby you look good!" And that probably is what Marissa is thinking, but Big Daddy , folks would look and have that look and think,
"Dang! Man! Have you lost your ever loving mind? LOL! HAHAHAHA!"
But who I am I to step on one's dreams? I am the roller derby queen, right? Notta me to do it.

He wants it so badly, he claims, so he can wear it, to work, people!! Perhaps I should worry. But I choose to ignore. Oh, he has big dreams.....like mine being Lita Ford. Wake up! I mean, the shirt wouldn't fit...and they would certainly throw him to the wolves.... or the fashion police.

Big Daddy and I ended up watching the show from home. Freddy (Fabian's brother) is leaving the end of the week to go out to LA to see Fabian. He had much to do in prep to leave so he couldn't go. Who would I mambo with during commercials? Don't even say Big Daddy (he would tell you that too). So we stuck it out at home and watched. I just got so wiped out last night, I didn't write my comments on the show. until now....

Marlee and Fabian
They start out in a strong Jive to Billy Joel's song, “You may be Right”. Marlee dances well in a beautiful pink dress and is awarded a 21! I personally think it was a low score. And I am NOT being prejudice. I would hate to be first out of the gate because I do think that the remaining scores of the night are scored more positive. Anyway. I would’ve scored 7,8,8. A tough week for Fabian and Marlee, in the fact that they had very little time to rehearse (More on this below-last paragraph of this post) . You couldn't tell it, they looked amazing. Sooooo proud. Hope America has FABIAN FEVER! Go Fabs! Whoot, whoot!

Cristian and Cheryl begin with a spectacular stage. They are dancing hard. I mean hard and rigorous. They're very tight, high energy. The ending was a double through-the-legs move. Cristian smashed into one of the lights on the edge of the stage. Bruno thought Cristian was on ROCKET FUEL!!! He and Len both think this was the best dance Cristian has done yet. Carrie Ann agrees, but warns about controlling his arms. Carrie Ann gives them an 8, Len gives them an 8, and Bruno gives a 9!
Steve and Anna danced a tasteful tango, and despite Anna's sickness, the couple does well. I would’ve scored Fabian and Marlee higher. The fumbled ending on this one was obvious. Carrie Ann gave 7 points, Len gave 7, and Bruno gave 7, for a respectable total of 21 out of 30

Mario and Katrina- They look good. Mario’s hips need more hip; they seemed a little loose. Some of their footwork seemed muddled, I don't know. Len is "bitterly disappointed." Ouch. Carrie Ann thought there were a lot of mistakes and was disappointed as well. Bruno was a little kinder - he's being nice tonight - saying that Mario could have done better but it wasn't a pile of excrement. Len gave Mario and Karina a 6! Brutal. Carrie Ann was a little nicer, giving them a 7. Bruno gave Mario and Karina an 8! That seems a little generous.

Shannon and Derek: I like Shannon's dress,it really fit the dance! Loved it’s movement. The dance really looked difficult.While they looked great there was a point where Shannon didn't seem to know what to do with her hands. The judges loved them. The partners collapse on the floor in exhaustion. Carrie Ann gave an 8, Len gave an 8, and... Bruno gave an 8. 24 out of 30 is a good score - Shannon says she's happy it's over because this has been the most demanding routine yet.

Adam and Julianne (in a brown wig, she can work any look, I tell ya-GORGEOUS). They began at the judge's desk. She's wearing a slinky patterned gown which Adam’s feet get caught in in the back of the dress during the dance.Adam seems a lot more confident and poised - tango is a good dance for him. The judges liked it, or at least they think Adam's getting better. Len says Julianne has done a great job making Adam "look like a dancer." 21 out of 30.

Marissa and Tony went for a 50's girl rock vibe. Jive is a good fit for Marissa - bouncy and high energy. I just adore this girl! She has the most infection personality. They seemed to falter there in the middle bit and lose some energy. Seems like her legwork could be more vigorous, though. She seemed to be dragging to Tony’s swift footwork. Len thought it could have been a little more high energy. Carrie Ann thought it was boring! They're going to make Marissa cry! STOP! Bruno agrees, but is more encouraging. Marissa's stressed out about this - they even had to bleep her when she swore! Carrie Ann gave a 6, Len gave them a 7, and Bruno gave a 6. Not a great score. Let's hope that Marissa's likability and natural charisma can generate enough votes to overcome her low score.

Pricilla and Louis- The Tango….love hate relationship is scene in this dance.They're doing good. She looks like she knows what she's doing - very confident and precise movements.Bruno thought it was well executed and beautifully acted. Len loved the "passion, drama, fire and ice!" Carrie Ann loved it, too. Let's see how their tango did. Carrie Ann gave an 8, Len gave a 9, and Bruno gave a 9, for a total of 26 out of 30. It's their highest score so far.

Jason and Edyta are dancing to "I Got a Woman. VERY SULTRY. Their choreography looks great and passionate! His footwork is great - I like the bit where they are dancing in tandem. Bruno thought their jive was cool but powerful - both he and Carrie Ann liked Jason's "lines." Len wasn't impressed -he thought the kicks were sloppy. I disagree. The judges give a 23 out of 30. Bruno and Carrie Ann each gave Jason and Edyta an 8, Len gives them a 7.

Kristi and Mark- Can The Guchi be stopped? Will the tango be her downfall? Is this the week when Kristi and Mark finally get a low score? They are tearing it up on the floor. I cannot see Krisit’s feet for the dress, but they are moving!The ending was nice and flashy. You can't go wrong with between-the-legs action! Len thought it was a great routine, Carrie Ann thought the technique was there but the emotion was missing, and Bruno thought it was sharp and clear, but also lacking in heat. "I want you to be a dirty girl!" Bruno purred. I won’t go there. Carrie Ann gave a 9, Len gave a 9, and Bruno gave a 9. 27 out of 30. Team Guchi keeps going strong.

Tune in tonight to see who leaves the dance floor. Also, Kylie Minogue performs. Big Daddy likes Kylie. Plus tune in and see the incredible thing that Fabian and Marlee did last weekend in Mexico. I am depending on Freddy to be my special "General Ramblings Special corespondent" next week, as mentioned before, he will be flying out to LA for next week's show. I am counting on great photos and behind the scenes info, and it's ok, Freddy, no one will ever mistake you for a premenopausal middle aged woman! Freddy, give Fabian both the hometown (BHAM) and across the country support to Fabian! LOVE THE FABS!

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Tell Tom he needs that see-through black shirt as much as I need an itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny-yellow-polka-dot bikinee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PPLLLEEEEAAAASSSEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just the thought (of both) makes me laugh and want to throw up at the same time!!!