Monday, April 21, 2008

ID'd-The Six Million Dollar Man

Wow! You guys are good! Everyone was right on with that answer, well all except Dullbert who called the Steve Austin doll a derogatory statement. Dullbert, perhaps those clouds of, er, smoke in the super dome have clouded your memory?

Steve Austin, Six Million Dollar Man played by Lee Majors.

"Colonel Steve Austin was a top NASA pilot, critically injured when his experimental spaceplane crashed. Oscar Goldman, head of the OSI (a government organization that develops new technologies), used Austin as a test subject for an experimental procedure. His body was rebuilt using incredible cybernetic technology, making him the world's first bionic man. Now, Austin works for Goldman and the OSI, protecting the nation from a myriad of threats."
(that's almost as cool as McGyver...and Midnight Caller!)


Dullbert said...

Clouds, memory lapse, Super Dome ?Two out of three aint bad It was at the New Orleans Arena :)

Anonymous said...

that was a blast form the past- I think I had a six milion dollar man doll- like that one in the pic!

Leigh said...

Did youhave a bad Lee Majros experience, Dullbert?

Drama Mama-Did your Barbie "date" him too?