Monday, April 21, 2008


Per the Troll and his Mute Monday Meme. This week's theme is poetry. This is my interpretation:

The Moon's Phases

Elizabeth Barret Browning

Kenny Chesney

The Ocean surf

Jim Morrison

Maya Angelo

James Taylor

Jim Croce

Watching Fabian dance. Have you seen his feet-poetry. Be sure to tune in tonight on ABC, Dancing with the Stars and VOTE!


Gypsy said...

Dance, in fact all of the performing arts, are poetic to me. I absolutely adore Maya Angelou and this has reminded me that I could do with a good dose of her work. Great post Leigh.

Happy Mute Monday.

Amorous Rocker said...

Awesome. Happy Mute Monday.

The Troll said...

Excellent interpretation. Especially liked seeing Mr. Croce get some blog love!

Happy Mute Monday!

Anonymous said...

Jim Morrison and Jim Croce!!!! Love your take on this! Happy MM.

Leigh said...

Thanks Gypsy! I am glad someone could appreciate my dance pics on there. I have a great affinity for Maya, not only for her written words, but also her voice. She sounds exactly like one of my favorite aunts. She too was a great story teller. When I close my eyes and listen to Maya speak, it takes me to my aunt Preston.

Amorous Rocker- Thanks for stopping in!

Troll-Thank you. I am a HUGE Croce fan. IN fact, so much so that I named my photography business after his song, Photographs and Memories. I am glad that you and Kate could appreciate the Croce love today.

Kate-gotta love 'em!

having my cake said...

Oh yes, Jim Morrison and Jim Croce. Like both of them. Dont know the guy at the end but if he's anything like some of the dancers in our UK version of the competition, then I understand completely. Just a joy to watch. Happy MM

she said...

interesting line up!!!! i havent been watching DWTS but i might tune in to see about "fabian" is that a real name??? happy MM

Leigh said...

Having my Cake-I went to high school with Fabina, he is such a great guy. I hope he wins!

She-it's his real name, given to him by his parents. It's the only one I have ever know him as. Be sure to watch tonight and vote for him. You can't forget the name now. His partner is Marlee Matlin.

SeaRabbit said...

Excellent take!
Happy MM!

jennifer said...

I like your poetry post VERY much. Those singers are all poets in my book too. I hope your day was great Leigh.

Be blessed.


frannie said...

love the moon pic!!! that is really cool!

Travis said...

That's a very effective presentation. I like the moon picture best.