Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bon Jovi or Bust?!

...So my "fran" Charnita is going this weekend to Atlanta to see (squealing and jumping up and down) BON JOVI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited for her I can hardly contain myself. Bon Jovi was my all time favorite band in my high school years. I can still see the Jon Bon Jovi and the Richie Sambora posters that graced my locker doors....and bedroom doors, my bedroom walls, and-well, I am getting off subject.
She is going to see Bon Jovi (minus Alec John Such who left under "mysterious " circumstances some years ago.)! And it only gets better, she asked me to go with her.....and then I sunk into a slump. Of all weekends to have a scheduling conflict, this would be it!! Sledge is a flower girl in a family wedding this weekend. We have equally been so excited about the wedding and being with our family. And so it is, I can not go. (heart breaks with a sigh)
A lump is in my throat, a pain in my heart, a longing in my soul to be that sixteen year old girl again singing along to every word at every Bon Jovi concert that pulled into town. My mom was good, she even allowed me to go with my BFF Jenny down to the civic center during school hours to see them arrive for sound check. We were invited inside by some scroungy roadies. Fortunately I have always had a sense about me and detoured that to only seeBon Jovi from the bottom of a stage but it was good enough for me.

...And so, tonight I went upstairs and found some of my old concert tickets.
Sadly I had many many more in my collection, though I cannot find them. I saved all of my ticket stubs, and still do. My plan is to have them framed for remembrance sake. I saw Bon Jovi six times, but could only find one ticket, seen here......

Check out that price! WOW! Those were the good ole days!

It seems all of my bloggy buds have been taking in some killer concerts recently.

Dullbert went to see his all time favorite band, RUSH, in New Orleans a couple weeks ago. The last time I was in New Orleans, I too was there to take in a show. It was several years ago. It was the Hell Freezes Over Tour by the Eagles. I went with my cousins Gina and Alan. We had such a great time.
Boy! That was a long time ago.....I was a mom of a four year old then. I thought I was so overweight. HA. Little did I know that one day I would really find out.

Abbey took in Robert Plant and Allison Krauss last week at the civic center. That must have been cool. I never had the opportunity to see Plant or Zeppelin, but I have seen Krauss at the Grand Ole Opry and she is a great performer. A great talent. She sang with Vince Gill when I saw her.
Long ago, When I began saving my tickets, I hated that I couldn't see who came with the starring performer/group, so I took a purple pen (always purple) and wrote in the opening act. There was one night though that I saw Mötley Crüe with Guns and Roses. I got to meet Nikki Sixx, Slash and Izzy Stradlin. I got them to sign my pathetic little ticket and then I went and sabotaged it by writing the name of "Guns and Roses" on the ticket. Young and stupid....

I have seen alot of people, but there are those that I miss not ever being able to see live. Those from my old school days, Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac, Lita Ford, Randy Rhoads with Ozzy and lastly Bruce Springsteen.
I think my funniest concert was going to Montgomery to see David Lee Roth. The civic center was so small. I drove with my cousin, Marc and one of his friends and my side kick Jenny. When we got there we separated. It was general admission seating and no one was there, really. I myself wasn't wild about David Lee Roth minus Van Halen. At the time I felt he had gotten to big for his britches, but he did have a guitarist (I had a thing for guitarist) that I was particularly into , Steve Via. So, me and Jenny ran down to claim our sets on the right of the stage, where Steve would be standing. Before the show these two guys come over and start talking to us. They were really nice guys, interesting. They seemed to know alot about the show and confirmed I would be in a great place to see Steve. They told us that they had seen the show several times. And so soon, the lights dim, and the two guys excuse themselves to go to the bathroom.
The next thing I know the lights come on, and the opening act is some band I had never heard of, Tesla. Tesla was new to the road and touring. It was about then that I recognized our two new friends up on stage, playing in the group were the two of the guys that had befriended us-they were part of the opening act. It was the coolest night. It was if the show as for us. They waved at us throughout the show, laughing, throwing stuff at us. After they played they came back out and sat with us the entire David Lee Roth show. I came to know our new friends as Frank_Hannon and Brian Wheat. After the concert, they invited us to the "after show" on the bus, where they said they would introduce us to Steve Via. But once again, I was always a good girl and had enough sense to think that I might find myself in a situation that might potentially be over my head and so politely declined.
Sometime years later we met back up at the Galleria Mall when they came into town. The picture below is me with Tesla lead singer, Jeff Keith. All in all, really nice guys. I loved their music and always felt that they were completely under rated. That show was one fun concert.

Another favorite concert was the Jimmy Buffett private concert. No ticket needed for this show. A day I will never forget. I am going to write about that one very soon. It was amazing!
My favorite concert of today has been Kenny Chesney. I have been to four of his shows and every time I have the best time. Ask any of my friends, they will tell you how much fun I have!He is a real entertainer. You feel like you were invited to a great party of a good friend. Such fun.
And so, that brings me to this question posed to all of you....What was your favorite concert of youth? Of today? Why?Who do you wish you could've seen perform live, that no longer or rarely tours? Who is someone that tours today that you would love to see?
And to Charnita who is getting ready to go to Atlanta to relive the glory days.....I am right there with you in spirit! Have a wonderful time!


Dullbert said...

does abbey see "dead" people ? Robert Plant :)

Leigh said...

Apparently she saw both Plant and Palmer in one night (LOL)...when I typed this it was after midnight and I was running on fumes. I changed one to read correctly. Thanks Dull!
This one was really a rambler....

frannie said...

i love bon jovi!

"J" said...

I went to see Bon Jovi and Skid Row! Did you ever see Skid Row open for Bon Jovi? They were so bad mouthed every other work was F.U.!!! My mom and my Aunt took me and my BFF to see them in Houston! OH MY was the best! I swear I think I still have my concert t-shirt some where...for real!! lol I could break out some ticket stubs too...
Shad and I were just talking last night about concerts and how much tickets use to be!!!

I also remember the Bon Jovi posters as wall paper all over my room! I was sooooooooooooooooooooo in love!!!! To this day Jon is STILL HOT!!!! =) I had a canopy bed and at the top of my canopy bed was a door size posted of Jon Bon Jovi...Awwwwwwwwwwwww.....when I would lay in bed I could just look up at um um!!!!

A few years ago Bon Jovi came to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo...we did a girl night out and had FRONT ROW seats....we never once sat down during that show! We sang and danced the whole time!!!

Brings back FUN memories!!!!

Lindsey said...

Several of my friends went to see Bon Jovi in Nashville last week and had SO MUCH FUN!!! I was just a little bit jealous:)

Leigh said...

Are you going Frannie? They will be there this week!

J- I did. And I do recall his foul mouth. He still has one. Those are some good memories!It brings back old times...

Lindsey- You should've gone with them!

Terri said...

I started by day out with a 'sign from God'.....I heard Charles Barkley on the radio. I immediately thought of you. *wink, wink* I'm gonna print a sign as per our discussion and have him sign it and take a photo for you. And the others, of course. Does this mean I'm your stalker minion?

Now you have me thinking about all the concerts. Loved loved loved Stevie Nicks around 1989/90. Squeeze in the late '80's holds a memory for me, as does The Outfield.

Then there's backstage with Tim McGraw, watching him play basketball, shirtless, for a few hours and Cowboy Troy trying to convince me to go to Southside with him to show him where all the fun was. Like I knew! Ever since Clyde's and Hoppers closed, I've been outta the loop!!!

Gonna miss you tomorrow night.

jennifer said...

I saw bon Jovi when they opened for 38 Special at the Oak Mountain Ampitheater back in the 80's. FUN FUN! It turns out that Hubby was there, with someone else. Of course we didn't know each other then, but it was cool knowing we were in the same place wat back when!
I love the way your stub collection looks and it will be cool framed. And your were, and still are, a real Dish!

Be blessed.


Dullbert said...

I'm going to respond to this over at my place but apparently I'm to stupid to figure out how to embed pictures and not just add them one at a time. Tried to click on your montage of stubs no luck ? The prices always fascinate me. Oh and are you really counting Toby K. as a concert ? :0)

Leigh said...

Terri- Ohhhh! I love that! A stalkr minion. We (you and I) are professionals here, ya know. Please tell Sir Charles (I call him Chuck, LOL) that I said heelo. ASk him if he got my dinner invitation (smile). Oh, my gosh! I hope it comes through that will be sooooo cool! Thanks! I just adore you TR!
I cannot tell you the envy that you say Stevie Nicks live, honey! And cowboy Troy-well ya choudl've taken 'em. He seems pretty harmless. Ya know it is to bad we dont have an electric bull in town. MAybe you and I should open a place that has one. I think it would benefit your business too when the drunkards pull their back out, they will coe to you. LOL!
Do a dance for me. I will miss ya'll too. I am hoping that the DJ at the wedding plays low and I will break it out. LOL!

Jennifer- You are way to kind (dilusional) but kind! I had some BOn Jovi hair then and today all I have going is a double chin and boobs that are misporportioned...wahhhh. But I am happy.
That is so neat that you and Hubs were there "together". I did not go to that one. I cannot imagine why. I thought I saw all of their concerts her ein the 80's period. The ampitheater is much better. Sounds is poor at the BJCC.

Michelle said...

OMG!!!! I WAS AT THAT CONCERT!!! The Motley Crue-Guns and Roses one, that is!! I was the one NOT wearing a bra with jeans ONLY.. lol Those chicks there cracked me up too.. They werent even wearing nice looking ,sexy bras either..These were those nasty 99 cent ones you get at Dollar General or Walmart back in the day.. LOL BTW.. I remember GNR being ABSOLUTELY awful! I couldnt believe they became as big as they did..I guess their sound improved as the money did.. lol

Charnita's Xpressions said...

Love the post....I have a few stubs and was at some of these same concerts, too!
I will tell Jon and Richie hello for you. I am sure they will miss you.
SUUUUUURE WISH you were goin.....

Anonymous said...

WOW- that was a blast from the past!
I really don't remember going to alot of concerts- We just didn't get too many good ones over here-I know I went to Foreigner and ZZ Top-I think I saw Bon Jovi too-
Big Daddy and I did see James Taylor at Oak Mt in college- that was fun- those were the days-
I am a huge fan of Bon Jovi still!
Rock on!

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy your blog. I’m very jealous of all your concerts I didn’t see my first concert until I was 20, I’m going to my fourth concert this Friday and I’m very excited. Freddy and I will be going to see Carlos Santana. I hope you guys have a great weekend and have fun at the wedding.